Abomination Video

What? You thought I was going to display some vile, ugly still from that lousy video? No way! This sunset has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter below. It is merely my way of cushioning the reader against what follows.

Filth heaped upon filth, and poured by the boxcar-load into children’s minds–that’s our culture today.

For instance: The Daily Mail reports on a new video by Rihanna, in which she and her little playmates kidnap, torture, and kill a white woman ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3150454/Rihanna-video-turn-mothers-stomachs-Concerned-parent-SARAH-VINE-star-s-latest-song-glorifies-murder-torture-drug-taking-guns-racial-stereotyping.html ). It is exceedingly graphic, and intended for consumption by teenagers via their assorted electronic devices.

No, I am not going to tell you how to get hold of it. You probably don’t need anyone to tell you.

I gather from the Mail’s very detailed description that all the violence, sadism, drug-taking, and crime in this video is justified by the victim’s being white and “rich.” The creature portrayed by Rihanna winds up with all her victims’ money, so I guess having money is only wrong when the wrong sort of person has it. If you are black, lawless, sadistic, and perverted, then I suppose it’s okay.

Even if we keep children out of public school, there’s still this demon-haunted culture to contend with.

For some reason, lib’rals want children to grow up into depraved monsters.

I don’t know what that reason is. Do you?

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  1. Christians are to be the salt that preserves morality, and the light to shine the way of righteousness. It seems much of the blame is to be put on Christ’s representatives on the earth, the church. “Let the reformation of all things conforming to Christ begin with me” needs to be our confession.

  2. We would probably be hard pressed to think of a more perverse bunch than those in Hollywood. And it’s unlikely we relate the name of the city to their perverse nature, but we should. Holly Wood – this is what a witch’s wand is made of. It would be quite a surprise if the name was an accident.

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