Astounding! Catholic School Religious Director Fired for Being in Gay ‘Marriage’

See? I know what sanity looks like. It looks like this. No, I will not post pictures of any “gay marriage.” Bad enough I have to write about it. I will not look at it. So let’s look at puppies before moving on to this unedifying news.

Idiots and devil-worshipers are flabbergasted that the Diocese of Philadelphia has fired the religious director of a Catholic school in Montgomery County… for being in a lesbian pseudomarriage ( ).

Folks, I’m sorry to keep pelting you with this miserable garbage that passes for news in this demon-haunted age. It’s obvious most people would rather read about dogs and cats and parakeets. That’s called sanity. But then, while we indulge ourselves in sanity, the wackos take over and trash our culture.

“Religious director”–hot dog! I wonder what religion she was directing the kiddies to. In accord with the teachings of the Bible, the Roman Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is a grave sin.

I wonder what else you’d find, if you took a closer look at some of the alleged Christian schools, these days. I wonder if it would be like turning over a rotting log and finding a bunch of nasties under it.

To the sins of homosexuality and fornication, such schools add the equally grave sin of taking God’s name in vain. To teach that God smiles on these other sins and was only kidding when He called them sins is a very serious Third Commandment violation; and God will judge it very seriously.

Aw, but that’s just Bible stuff! Surely it has no place in a Catholic school.

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  1. Beyond disgusting. Sick to the Nth degree. Poor kids, having to attend
    a garbage dump like this.

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