Feminists: Air Conditioning ‘a Sexist Plot’

Yes, you read the headline right: a feminist writing for The Washington Post has declared air conditioning “another big, sexist plot” ( http://dailycaller.com/2015/07/25/air-conditioning-is-a-big-sexist-plot-washington-post-investigation-reveals/ ). Indeed, she says, air conditioning is “the Manspreading of Summer ’15.”

Can we have some feminist music to go with that?

[For masochists only–genuine Feminist Music}

Just lately there have been signs that assorted libs ‘n’ progs wish to Save the Planet by taking away your air conditioning. The common people will just have to learn to do without it. If the heat really is too much for them, they can always go to their friendly communal Cooling Center and sleep on a cot.

Liberals get a sexual charge out of stuff like this.

No one but a madman would expect that doing without AC would apply to any but the common herd. Our Beloved Rulers would still enjoy their enormous mansions with central air conditioning, private jets, air-conditioned limos, and cocktails at Davos under the majestic Alps. It’s the least we can do to reward them for Saving the Planet.

Had enough yet, folks?

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9 responses to “Feminists: Air Conditioning ‘a Sexist Plot’

  • Laura

    Oh, goodness, that is silly. How about … space heaters! That would solve a lot of problems. I get hot easily; I don’t want the air conditioning gone. However, I can sympathize with someone who gets cold easily. Being insensitive isn’t the answer, for cold or hot natured people. Innovation (a novel term that government-schooled people don’t understand) is the answer!


  • weavingword

    It could be an alien plot and I wouldn’t care. It is freaking hot, humid, and buggy outside. I want my AC!


  • UnKnowable

    Curses! Foiled again.

    Here I had planned to use air conditioning to oppress women everywhere and they caught me red-handed. I’m going to have to twirl the ends of my handlebar mustache until I come up with some other way of working evil. 🙂


    • leeduigon

      Don’t worry–your very existence, as a non-wimmin, is a terrible micro-grecian.


      • UnKnowable

        And far conditioning is a macro-aggression. 🙂

        From what I read at the DailyCaller link, basically, this all came down to disputes about office temperatures because men wear suits and women dress more lightly. Frankly, I’ve never understood the NEED for suits, even in hot weather. I’m not against dressing nicely, but when it’s truly hot outside, a tie and a jacket make no sense whatsoever. In some places, there are men’s suits that come with short pants, just for hot weather. It strikes me as a war caused by customs regarding business dress, not the sex of the people involved.


  • Linda Sorci

    Hive minds of the world united. Geez! Idiots! Your question at the end, Lee – “Had enough yet, folks?” is really at the heart of it all. Not until we’ve had enough and overthrow the whole lot will they knock it off! – at least until Jesus arrives, which can’t be too soon.


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