Dog Poop Bags Left Everywhere You Look

I first became aware of this little aspect of cultural decay reading Michael Graeme’s “Rivendale Review” blog (, in which he discoursed on the practice of leaving little bags of dog poop all over the scenic English countryside.

I’d never heard of this before; but when I investigated, I discovered it’s also become a problem in our own state and national parks–Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin, for instance ( ).

The other night I read a novel in which the author mentioned bags of doggy ca-ca left on the streets and sidewalks of London… and lately they’ve been turning up right here in my own home town.

So people walk their dogs, the dogs poo, the owner scoops it into a bag and ties it shut–and just leaves it there. Certain locations abound with these.

You think our culture’s doing all right? Really?

Wait’ll this fad hits your neighborhood.

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  1. The poop bags are left lying on the streets, on fences, on side-walks and hanging on trees. In fact kids round here that is where they grow.

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