Today is Our 38th Wedding Anniversary

This is where we met, 38 years ago. No, not up in the sky. Down there, in the little town of Keyport, NJ. At the offices of The Bayshore Independent. Our marriage has outlived the newspaper.

Yes, 38 years ago today, Patty and I got hitched. Speaking for myself, my marriage is the greatest earthly gift God has given me. Without it I wouldn’t even be me. Without my marriage I doubt I would ever have wound up in God’s service or written my Bell Mountain novels. I don’t like to think I would have turned into an out-and-out pagan; thankfully, I’ll never know.

We had our anniversary feast the other day, exquisite seafood from The Keyport Fishery–which is about the only place we know that’s still as good as it was 38 years ago. We’ll have another nice supper today. Otherwise, we hope to  celebrate in peace and quiet. Our scalp-dancing days are over. At least for now.

I also wear the T-shirts we bought on our honeymoon.

We hope to be left in peace by the bloodsucking idiots in Washington, but that’s out of our hands. They have already redefined current and future marriage. When they try to redefine existing marriages, then I would say their time has come… and there is yet another scalp-dance left to dance.

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  1. Isn’t it strange that those who promote “another kind of marriage” don’t practice in any way true marriage: 1. they really don’t “pick their “partners” in the same way. 2. it doesn’t last “until we die!” 3. they don’t live together in the same pleasant, helpful manner. 4. they don’t have the correct physical features that are needed to carry on their sexual practices. 5. hey don’t leave behind others to take their place when they die (procreate).

    Are they abnormal or what? No! They just try to imitate what God created: men AND women properly outfitted to carry on his command to “Be fruitful and multiply” and have happy days to enjoy marriage as he created it.

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