Loopy Lib: Use Baby Parts for Dog Food

First we’ll use babies for dog food; and then…

Every now and then, liberals let the mask slip and you get to see what’s underneath.

Geraldo Rivera’s mask slipped on TV last week ( http://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/curtis-houck/2015/08/13/gutfeld-schools-geraldo-i-hope-you-live-long-backs-dead-fetuses#.hxsziy:TnkW ) when he suggested a novel use for the flesh and organs of aborted babies:

“What if I want it for dog food?”

How about superannuated liberals as alligator food?

All right, Geraldo was worked up and he blurted out some incautious words. What he said was so crass, it distracted the audience from something he said that was much more substantial and equally revealing.

“I want a cure for cancer” and other diseases, he said. And if that means aborting babies and harvesting the parts, well, sez Geraldo, that’s “the reality of how medicine gets done, how research gets done.”

Is there any price too high to pay, if it keeps Geraldo alive and gasbagging for another 700 years? How many babies do you sacrifice to save one patient from cancer?

Post-Christian civilization–hot dog. Just make sure you’re on the right end of the human sacrifice.

4 comments on “Loopy Lib: Use Baby Parts for Dog Food

  1. Geraldo is a narcissistic blowhard and I seriously doubt many sane people pay much attention to him. But I fear he has no intention of going away or retiring until forced to by the Lord and I’m sure there are some extreme leftids who think as much of what he says as he does.

  2. “Post-Christian civilization–hot dog. Just make sure you’re on the right end of the human sacrifice.”

    Scratch the surface with some of these people and something very ugly comes to light. Apparently Geraldo believes his own foolish arguments at this point.

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