Satanists Sue for ‘Abortion Ritual’

There is no such thing as 'Human Sacrifice'”

No, you can’t do that here.

Here’s some of the shameless crapola we have to put up with because we’ve forgotten to be a Christian country.

The Temple of Satan is suing to have Texas’ abortion law (not allowed after the first weeks of pregnancy) overturned… on the grounds that it would violate their freedom of religion by forbidding them to hold “abortion rituals” (

It has long been understood in America that religious freedom excludes human sacrifice in any form. You can’t, for instance, start a Thuggee gang and claim First Amendment protection for it. But like so many others, Satanists will do just about anything for publicity. Including filing lawsuits that have no chance of succeeding.

They say that banning abortion violates their “freedom of choice and bodily autonomy.” Next question, sunshine–do you think the government should have the power to order you to be injected with a drug against your will? But even if they avoided hypocrisy and were at least consistent, sacrificing babies is simply wrong. Morally abhorrent. No, you can’t do that in America.

But we do agree with the claim that for Satanists, abortion really is a kind of religious ritual. A kind that’s not allowed. Like ripping someone’s heart out for the Aztec corn god.

Now we can wait and see if they can find a Democrat judge who’s wacky enough to rule in their favor.

Pressadint Obamma he Is “Heer”!!!

Fat man Pictures, Images, Stock Photos | Depositphotos®

I caint beleave “my” ayes!!!!!!!!!! Pressadint Obamma he “is” heaer,, he is acturelly heer, rihght Heer on our Own Collidge Campas!!!!! He is Heer in Hyumin Formb!!!!!

Somb of us butt Not Me we wher “a” Littel Canfused at frist i gess becose he dint Look “eggzackly” lyke we thawt,, in facked he Looked lyke a Short Fat Gye and aslo he dint Look Black atoll!!!!! for a minnit thare i thinked somb “Of” the Stoodint Soviet we wher goingto Attack himb, lyke he was Ownly Pre-tendding to be Pressadint Obamma,,, thay evin Grabed his Dryvers Lysints and it sayed his naimb it was Rikky Stoonatta or somb thing Lyke “that” butt then he eggsplaned it “To” us!!!

Sombtimes wen I taik on hyuman formb” he sayed “it doughnt com Out egzackly Rihght like It “awt to” becose “It Is harrder then It Looks!”!” That thare lysints it turrned Out Rawng tooo!! So we toled himb abote al The trubble “we” hadded whith his Statchoo and the hed keeped fawllin Off Etc. and aslo the hyumin Sackrafyce we “whanted” to give himb,, that Person he runned Away and we “coodnit Catch” himb so we sackrafyced somb Card Bored insted.

Butt he was Very “grayshiss” abuot it And he jist sayed “Sea? That’s” ware “evry thing it wendt wrawng and That is Wye i camed Out “looking lyke” this hear rikki Stoodnatta guy insted of Me!!!! Neckst tymb you Better Maik a reel Sackrafyce and then i whil” “look lyke Me!”” So then we All under-standded it!!!

Nhow that he Is Heer we has to Give “himb” lots of foood And beeer And anny thing Elsa he whants and aslo Munny And toys And Marrawanna and he “wil” Staye whith us A Wile and he wil giv us Good Grayds and teatch us Al Abote Socile Jutstus!!!!!! Aslo we has got to Giv himb a hole Dorm al to himbself and aslo somb Other “things” that i amb Not Aloud to Tawlk Abote!!!!!!

I wunder Haow “Lawng” he wil staye heer!!! he can Evin has “my” Jimb Sox iff he gets hungry so i bettre Not eet themb al My Selphf!!!!!

We Has Ficksed our Pressadint Obomma Statchoo!!

How to make play dough faces - Kidspot

Heer “at” our Collidge we has bin tearrably Up-Set evir Sints “we” axadently puled down “our” Statchoo of Pressadint Obomma and then his Hed it fell offf!!!!!!! And evry tyme we tryed “to” gloo it back On it falled offf Agan!!! And then fynly it falled off and Broak in peeces!!!!!!

We werr Saposed “to” maik a Hyumin Sackrafeice to Pressadint Obomma “so” he woodnt “Get” mad and putt a Cursse “on” us butt No One volinteered and evry one we Picked thay runned Away!!! We kepped Trying To sackryce somb boddy,, anny boddy,, butt In The Meen Time a memmber Of “our” Stoodint Soviet xe hased a Brilllyint Idear!!!!!!!!!!

Wye doughnt “we maik a niew Hed “out” Of Play-Doh and putt “that” On “the” Statchoo???”? Xe is a jeaniass!!! So wee Got our “bessed” Art Stoodint and he maid A “moddle” witch yiu can Sea “in” The pitchture Up top!!! Alll we kneaded “to” “do” was get A Hole Buntch of Play-Doh and role It “into” a big Bawll and thenn puit Eyes & Mowth & Knose on it jist lyke In the pitchture!!! And we Maid It mutch Bigger then the Orginul so Pressadint Obomma wood reely lyke It and thend We Jist Stuck It On the Statchoo and it “was” purfict!!!!!!

Well!!! that it is A Lode offf our meynds!!!! We got It ficksted beefour the Korny Vyris it cood wype us Out!!! Nhow we “can” Go “back” to fillossafie and stuph!!!!

‘Man Marries Tree (Not a Satire, Folks)’ (2016)

See the source image

I think if I were ever told that So-and-so is “an actor and activist,” I would try very hard not to be introduced to him. But here’s a pinhead who insists on introducing himself to the world.

Has anybody noticed that the people who are doing the most to spread nature worship are the same ones who are paving over everything? They talk a game of Gaia while they’re putting up another strip mall. And they never saw a McMansion that they didn’t like.

Marrying trees won’t stop them.

But electing really angry and aggressive conservatives to every level of government… might. At least they couldn’t do worse.

‘Burning Man’ Pagan Fest Expects to Draw 70,000

Image result for images of burning man

It’s time again for the annual “Burning Man” festival of “radical inclusion,” whatever that is, out in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert; and this year organizers are expecting to draw at least 70,000 paying participants (, including celebrities and hi-tech corporate movers and shakers.

The highlight of the festival is the burning of a wooden human effigy. Anybody ever see The Wicker Man? Same thing, except in the movie they burn it with a live person and live animals inside it, as a sacrifice to pagan false gods. Julius Caesar had a major beef with the Gauls over this, and devoted a lot of work to stamping out this evil practice.

Now it’s where celebs and millionaires go to practice radical inclusion. Low-end tickets cost $425 each.

Would you believe The Burning Man got its start in San Francisco? Okay, I hear you saying “Where else?”

This year some of the hippier types are complaining that capitalism is “ruining Burning Man’s original spirit.” Maybe capitalism is one of those things you exclude when you’re doing radical inclusion.

I’d like to know how many liberal churchmen attend this jamboree. You know–the kind in pink or lavender shirts who perform same-sex pseudomarriages.

Anyhow, that’s the state of our culture. Burning Man is no big thing in itself, but all those little things add up into a burden that will one day crush us.

Because when you kill the culture, the culture’s gonna kill you back.


Witch-Doctor for Hire: Have Spells, Will Travel

Can you believe this headline? “African Muti murders–Hospitals sell body parts and murderers harvest organs from live victims for witch doctors in black magic spells” ( ).

Right now you’re probably thinking, “He’s got it mixed up with Planned Parenthood.” Really–witch doctors, black magic? Is this a joke? Has someone been reading too many Tarzan books?

No joke–it’s real. Link to the article above, and scroll down. You will find ads from South African newspapers advertising the services of various witch doctors. I mean, these guys have phone numbers and fax machines and email addresses, witchcraft with all the state-of-the-art trappings.

I stumbled over this phenomenon when my wife read a detective novel, Deadly Harvest by Michael Stanley. The author’s name is a pseudonym for co-authors Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip, both of them born and bred in South Africa. Let’s see what they have to say in the Authors’ Note.

“Throughout sub-Saharan Africa, witch doctors hold influential positions in society. Most people believe in them and their powers to some extent. Even Western-trained scientists may carry a residue of belief…

“[T]here are a few witch doctors, regarded as very powerful, who use human body parts in their muti [magic]. They often choose a victim for a specific reason. If a male client wants to be virile, a witch doctor may kill a young boy and make muti from his sex organs to improve sexual energy… Even more horrific is that the power of the muti is thought to be enhanced if the body parts are removed while the victim is alive.”

Of course, like Geraldo Rivera says, that’s how we make progress in medical science.

Hey, all you multiculturalists out there! Is this the kind of thing you want to import into our “pluralistic” society, in which every notion, every custom,  every cultural practice, is equally valid and praiseworthy?

Muti murders happen. They happen because people believe in magic and want it to be used on their behalf. These murders are very hard to solve because there’s usually no connection between the killer and his victim, which makes it hard to pin down a motive.

Africa is full of people who believe in this stuff–people who are every bit as superstitious, as credulous, as any public school- and college-educated voter in America.

Loopy Lib: Use Baby Parts for Dog Food

First we’ll use babies for dog food; and then…

Every now and then, liberals let the mask slip and you get to see what’s underneath.

Geraldo Rivera’s mask slipped on TV last week ( ) when he suggested a novel use for the flesh and organs of aborted babies:

“What if I want it for dog food?”

How about superannuated liberals as alligator food?

All right, Geraldo was worked up and he blurted out some incautious words. What he said was so crass, it distracted the audience from something he said that was much more substantial and equally revealing.

“I want a cure for cancer” and other diseases, he said. And if that means aborting babies and harvesting the parts, well, sez Geraldo, that’s “the reality of how medicine gets done, how research gets done.”

Is there any price too high to pay, if it keeps Geraldo alive and gasbagging for another 700 years? How many babies do you sacrifice to save one patient from cancer?

Post-Christian civilization–hot dog. Just make sure you’re on the right end of the human sacrifice.