A Sloth as Big as an Elephant

[From the BBC’s “Walking With Beasts}

Behold the mighty megatherium, a sloth as big as an elephant. Hanging upside-down from the branches of trees is not an option, so what we have here is a ground sloth.

Hi! Mr. Nature here, with another one of those fantastic creatures that isn’t around anymore. Why the Lord has removed them, I don’t know; nor do I know where He put them. But lots and lots of remains of this animal have been found, so we have a pretty good idea of what it looked like.

Years ago, the megatherium was often pictured as being hunted and killed by the saber-toothed cat. But that would’ve been hard even for a sabertooth.

This is the Miller Company’s classic megatherium toy from the days of my yout’. It was made of wax, so not too many samples have survived.

Glory to God for creating such marvelous beasts–and for getting them out of the way when we were ill-equipped to deal with them.

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  1. That’s a new one on me. New, but welcome to my personal knowledge-base.

    I just got a text; what is it?

    Oh heck! Joe Collidge found my number and is texting me. Darn! I wonder what he wants.

    “Yiu arre 4-getting that evolution will make a Auntie-Tank gunn so that the Gander-normative sLoth can go ex-stink and not bother usss bye shaking trees or skaring handicapped saber 2-th katz which are subject to micro-Grecian because there twoth “was” broken in a fight with a climbit change denier.”

    Well, you can’t refute logic like that, it just can’t be done. Joe has made an air tight case for the evolution of the antitank gun sometime before the end of the Pleistocene period. We shouldn’t waste anytime, we need to find some antitank gun fossils and we need to do it now.! 🙂

    1. When Hil-liary gets to be presadinct she will show all of yewe scoffers the antitank gun she has!

      As far as your phone number getting in the hands of Joe Collidge, I’m so sorry! He’s so scatter-brained he’ll probably lose it shortly 🙂
      (by the way, you’re so adept at it, you could fill in lol)

  2. Megatherium – what a cool name, and what a cool creature. He would make a good contribution to the fantastic creatures found in the Bell Mountain series. I read recently of the larger than life salamander in
    “The Glass Bridge.”

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