Figure This–If You Can

Ice on the Great Lakes–produced by Global Warming???

The shipping industry wants Congress to pony up the money for a new icebreaker for the Great Lakes. Why? Because “back-to-back winters of historic ice cover have demonstrated the need for a new heavy breaker” ( ). Last winter ice covered 89% of the Great Lakes’ surface. In 2014, it was 92%.

Meanwhile, all the shysters in Washington and in the E.U. keep on yammering about Global Warming, you’re all gonna die unless you pay lotsa new taxes and give us vast new powers, blah-blah.

Why do we need to build new icebreakers if the Planet is supposedly getting warmer all the time?

Meanwhile, in Scotland, there’s all this snow lying around, left over from last winter–it hasn’t melted yet ( ). At the same time, the whoopee crowd tells us that redheads are going to go extinct on account of Global Warming.

We understand why politicians are pushing Global Warming: more power and more money. And scientists: more grant money, and the fun of being advisers and oracles to the politicians.  But why any normal person would believe in it, how any normal person could fail to see the colossally dishonest motives behind it all… well, that we find very hard to understand.

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