Eat Lots of Cake and Still Lose Weight!

I have to go to the dentist this morning and I have no idea what will happen to me there. So I thought I’d better post something now, in case I’m not able to, later.

Meanwhile, I have a burning question:

Where has my readership gone?

In the middle of the month, the readership of this blog took a radical nose-dive and has not come back. Where is everybody? Like, I’m sitting here listening to crickets.

Was it something I said?

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    1. I’m getting about half the number of visits per day that I’d been getting for the past month, especially the first 15 days of this month. My Twitter page was inactive for a week, and I thought that was the cause of my blog’s loss of readers. However, the Twitter has been back for two weeks now and the readers have not come back. Then I wondered if it was because I was writing about abortion and Planned Parenthood, maybe too many people found it distasteful. But there was always other stuff to read, I made sure of that.

      And so I’m at a loss to explain what’s happened to my readership–which leaves me without a strategy or tactics to get it back. *sigh*

    2. My email subscribers (there are only some 200 of them) don’t show up as blog visits. Their number has remained the same. It’s casual visits that are done. Most perplexing.

    1. It was an experiment to see if a headline like that would attract readers. Sorry for the subterfuge!

      The next post will be worth waiting for… Just give me another few minutes.

  1. I read almost all of your posts, even if I don’t comment most of the time 🙂 Could it be you’re not tackling *enough* current news topics? LOL

  2. Not at all! Just buried with an overwhelming amount of work. Haven’t had time to write, keep up with my own blog, or anyone else’s. Sadly I don’t think my schedule is likely to improve soon…such are the hazards of small business ownership.

    1. I had my own small liquidating business, once. It kept us in free samples, but I thank God for allowing me to write instead.

  3. I read often. Love the new layout, I have a ‘free’ WP but have an aversion to paying for one. Guess if it is to look better, I’ll have to give in? How do we sign up for emails from you – did not know that was possible. Do tell.

    1. I think all you have to do is click “follow” when you visit the blog. That’s how I wind up getting emails from other blogs.

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