Was the Drowned Baby Story a Hoax?

I heard this mentioned on the radio yesterday, and it took me a while to find it on the Internet this morning–and here it is.

The now world-famous image of the drowned baby washed up on a beach in Turkey, said to be a casualty of the entirely man-made humanitarian crisis in Syria, refugees, boat people, etc.–this image that has moved Europe to open its gates to hundreds of thousands of Muslims all at once–

This image, according to reports in the Australian news media, is not what it appears to be ( http://occupymelbourne.net/2015/09/08/syrian-drowned-baby-hoax/ ).

“Occupy Melbourne” reports that the baby’s father lived in Turkey and wished to go to Europe in order to get free dental work, thinking to slip in unnoticed along with the hordes of refugees. So he set to sea in a small boat, they had an accident, and the baby drowned.

The report takes particular note of “the pristine condition of the body,” which is certainly not what would be expected after supposedly floating around in the sea for three days.

Like you, I have  no way of determining which, if any, aspects of this story are true. I’m only pointing out there’s more to this story than we’ve been told so far. And I don’t like the idea of suddenly adopting radical new public policies in response to a story that may not be true. I mean, that’s so 21st century!

One thing I’m pretty sure of:

If the Western nations got together and exterminated ISIS, there would be no Syrian refugee crisis.

Important P.S.–I am now aware that the source of this report, “Occupy Melbourne,” may well be nothing but a bunch of left-wing kooks similar to the “Occupy This or That” jidrools here in America–in other words, hardly a source at all.

This points up an important problem: you can’t believe any of the news media anymore.

I will keep an eye on this story and see if it goes anywhere.

I do entertain the possibility that in this case the left-wing jidrools may have gotten wind of something that we need to know, and passed it on before they realized what they were getting into.

P.P.S.–The Polish Gazette, for what it’s worth, has this story, too ( http://polishgazette.com/?p=1645039 ). Before we rule it out, remember–The Inquirer was the only American newspaper (if you can even call it that) to get the goods on vice presidential wannabe John Edwards cheating on his wife while she was dying of breast cancer.

5 comments on “Was the Drowned Baby Story a Hoax?

    1. It’s true that no “Occupy” group in the USA would ever suggest that America NOT take in illegal aliens, refugees, etc. But if you’re going to call yourselves part of the Global Occupy Movement, you have to expect people to lump you in with the others.

      I have visited your website. I don’t mean this to be insulting, but your words could just have easily come a far-right American–a mix of class warfare, high-octane populism, and socialism.

      Now that I’ve read it, I don’t know precisely what to call you.

      More importantly, I’m trying to nail down the source for the claim that the drowned baby story is a hoax. If you could point me in the right direction, I would much appreciate it and I would acknowledge it here on my blog.

    2. Occupy was never meant to be a specific pre-determined political ideology. How ever in most places Cultural Marxists generally took over and pushed their agenda, hence you view of the political bias of most occupy groups. Cultural Marxist did a lot of damage to occupy from the inside, and drove away most reasonable sensible people. We stayed true the initial ideals and targets, the corruption, the Banksters, the bailouts and how all that came into being. So what you see here is what occupy is all about before it got hijacked by the Marxist morons.

      Socialism? We really hate that, I can’t see why you think we advocate that.

      We only appear to be far right because most of political is infested with Marxists. Remember Marx state fiat currency and central banks to be a key plank to Marxist communism.

      Don’t know waht to call us? Maybe you can just call us ‘on the pulse’.

      If you aren’t looking where we look you are not looking in the right places, but looking here is a good start.

    3. Gee, you could’ve fooled me. Here in the US, there is no Occupy group that is *not* saturated with Marxism. What we get is some Occupy dunderhead from Rutgers writing an op ed in the Village Voice about how “work blows” and everybody should receive a guaranteed income even if they never to a stroke of work in their lives. That ought to encourage economic growth, eh?

      Maybe you guys should call yourselves something else.

    4. Rename , no way, we are true to the original intention of occupy. Furthermore its a real thorn in the side of the local Marxist and their brain dead allies to have us take back what was hijacked off us and wave it in their faces. There are dozens of parasitic retard they would love to use their ‘contribution’ to occupy as part of their resume but they can’t as its been too tainted by us. We hurt Marxists and their lies so its worth it. It is also a bit of a cognitive dissonance buster to be doing this. Ever seen a picture of Stalin smoking a bong?

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