College Strikes Again! Halloween Costumes Banned

Witch costumes? Are you kidding??? Do you want to get kicked out of collidge?

As your student debt piles up, you might try to ease the pressure by going to an on-campus Halloween party. So you put on a costume…

And already you’re in heaps of trouble, if you go to Wesleyan University. See, you forgot to consult their P.C. Halloween Checklist before you chose a costume, and you never noticed that almost any kind of costume you can think of has been banned ( ).

Any costume that anybody might find offensive, is offensive. You name it, it’s offensive and it’s banned. Wesleyan rules out any and all costumes that might have reference to race, culture, national origin, religion, subculture, sexuality (there goes your Bruce Gender costume), economic status, profession–gee, what’s left? You’re also supposed to ask yourself if anybody might could possibly maybe be offended by your costume, and if the answer is yes, don’t wear that costume.

And so another little avenue of pleasure is sealed off by the P.C. police

And we just let them do it.

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  1. And the funny thing is, if a Christian objects to any of those costumes as offensive, they’re laughed down and ridiculed. It’s a funny old world …

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