How Our Leaders Sabotage Racial Harmony

If you’re looking for order and peace, don’t look in a public school classroom.

By now you’ve probably heard all about this incident. Girl won’t stop yakking on her cell phone in the classroom; teacher can’t stop her; principal’s office can’t stop her. So they call a cop, she attacks the cop, he has to use force to stop her, and–presto!–another Racial Incident.

The cop is being pilloried as a racist bully. There also seems to be a sense that he simply materialized there, like a genie from a bottle, just to pick on this poor innocent girl. They’ve forgotten how he’d come to be there in the first place. Like, um, the school called him because they couldn’t stop this kid from disrupting the class.

Maybe I’m showing my age, but in all the thousands of days I spent in school, not once did a police officer ever have to be called in to restore order. Not once.

Hey, everybody–have we all forgotten how Eric “the Bagman” Holder, when he was attorney general, made it very clear to school districts nationwide that the federal government wanted them to ease up on discipline–especially as applied to black kids who act up in class? ( )

Could it possibly be that such absurd policies, once they get to be widely known, actually encourage black kids to run wild in school? Could it be that our beloved rulers, by meddling  and shooting off their mouths, have made a problem worse instead of better?

What was so terrible about having schools that did not require the frequent attentions of police officers?

I guess this is what a progressive calls progress.

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