Hello? Anybody There?

I don’t like to write about politics, although I did write about politics yesterday, and I suspect a lot of you don’t come here to read about politics, either.

Is that why hardly anybody’s coming here today?

Let me quickly throw out my plans for writing about more politics today, and see what else I can come up with, to try and get some readership.

While I’m doing it–hey! Come back, everybody!

7 comments on “Hello? Anybody There?

  1. I’m reminded of something I once read: When a company received a written complaint about one of their products, they translated that one complaint into 1,000. Their theory was that if one customer took the time to write with a complaint, there were at least l000 customers who had the same complaint, but did not take the time to write. Don’t despair! We’re here most days.

  2. I like politics in a medium dose. It’s interesting to learn about the news, and everything. I just don’t normally comment on the political posts because I don’t know what to say.

  3. I’m here, just late to the party…catching up now. It has been a busy time, plus my email was down a few days and I’ve got a new computer.

    Today’s politics are admittedly depressing, and I can’t take huge doses of it, but looking away doesn’t help either. That’s a good way to get blindsided. Somehow we have to remain aware, yet not let all of the bad news paralyze us. In all reality, anyone who has read Revelation knew this was coming…and it won’t get any better until it’s all over. In my own life, I try to balance the bad with the good of God’s word and promises so that I don’t lose heart.

    1. You’ll see from my post this morning that I’m juggling some stuff I dassn’t drop. I haven’t forgotten to review your new book, just haven’t had a chance to order it, much less read it.

      I expect that by Saturday things will start getting back to normal around here.

    2. No worries! Truth be told, I haven’t even ordered any hard copies for myself yet. If my workload doesn’t slow down soon they’ll have to ship them to me in the loony bin. 🙂

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