Bizarre: 25% of Male Brits Think They Have ‘Man Periods’

A recent poll has found that a quarter of British men report themselves experiencing “periods” once a month, complete with symptoms of PMS–albeit without the most, ahem, obvious, er, manifestation of menstruation ( ).

Even more odd, the poll found that 58% of these men’s female partners believe them.

No wonder the Moslems think they can easily conquer Europe.

How does this happen? The poll doesn’t tell us that. We must speculate. Too much public school (which in the UK means “private school”)? Too much ballet on television? Not enough iron in their diet? What could possibly cause so many men to think they are, as it were, menstruating? Mere idiocy?

They insist the symptoms are real and that they have simply a dreadful time with them.

If you think this culture’s not in trouble, think again.

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