My Blood Pressure’s Down

Identities have been concealed to protect the guilty.

I’ve been riding my bike most every day for a month, and have made some modifications in my diet, and lost a few pounds. So yesterday I went to Rite-Aid and had my blood pressure taken: and it was 120/80, which I’m told is just about perfect.

When the dentist measured it, my BP was 158/98, which he said was too high to allow me to receive any dental treatment. By cracky, I was only there for a cleaning–but them’s the rules, says he. I wonder if being at the dentist’s had anything to do with my pressure being so high.

Anyhow, it looks like once again I’m going to avoid having to be on any blood pressure medication, which was the main reason why I bought the bike. If you’re out there with a similar problem, you might want to try exercising more and eating less (and eating less salt) before you steer yourself onto the medication highway. If it works for me, it just might work for you.

This morning Huffy–that’s my bike’s name–and I managed our first right-hand turn riding no-handed. It’s a bit harder than a left-hand turn. Then we tackled the Oak Avenue hill, which made me pretty huffy. And after that I almost fell off, but righted myself before tipping all the way over.

My legs feel like  balloons with the air let out of them, but at least my blood pressure’s down.

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  1. I’ve often wondered what professional writers do every day, and now I know! You ride your “book most every day”! Wow! Well I’ve been to collidge and my prefessers, they never told me about what you writers do. (Okay, that was a little plagiarism there.) Anyway, I figured that there must be a typo there somewhere, so I guessed that it was, “I’ve been writing my book most every day”. That would make sense. But thankfully I finished your post and found out that you are riding your “bike most every day”.
    I’m impressed! And inspired. I’d better get out and do the same, or my 67-year-old body may give out before my mind.
    And really, Lee, I read your posts most every day. Don’t give up! Actually, your, “Is It Too Late for Europe?” post still has me thinking. The “eternal” city of Rome fell under God’s judgment and the empire crumbled into chaos, and Western Civilization can do (or, “is doing”) the same. May God have mercy on us!

    1. We’re just about the same age. I’m glad you enjoy my little jabs at prefessers.
      Remember–if it works for me, it may well work for you.

    2. John, would you believe it? I’ve only just now noticed I really did type in “riding my book”! I’ve been writing Joe Collidge too long–took me all this time to see what you were talking about. Thanks for the heads-up, and I have fixed the typo.

  2. Good for you! J

    Sadly, even with diet, exercise, and dropping 20 pounds, I had to start taking BP meds myself this year. It’s a very low dose, but it seems that sometimes you just can’t beat heredity. I plan to keep that dose low as long as I can though, so I’m with you!

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