How to Ride No-handed, Lesson 2

If this kid can do it, you can do it. Please notice that he’s leaning backward all the time, never forward.

While I’m waiting for the ambulance to emerge from Pellucidar, or wherever it’s got to, let me try to write something.

Here we are: How to ride your bike without using your hands, next lesson.

Remember Lesson 1: work up to it gradually. After a while, you should be able to go half a block without holding onto the handlebars.

So for Lesson 2, some fine points.

*Don’t lean forward like you’re in the Tour de France or something. Riding no-handed is done best when you’re sitting up straight.  Very slightly leaning backward works well, too.

*Keep your knees and thighs as close to the bike frame as you can. This helps the bike remain upright. Later on, when you’re a real wiz at this, you can prop your feet on the handlebars or whatever. Much later on.

*Now take your hands away from the handlebars and let your arms hang down at your sides, or rest your hands on your hips. You will still have time to save yourself if you start to wobble.

And that’s enough for Lesson 2.

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  1. Unrelated question, but my daughter might be using Bell Mountain for her book report if her teacher approves it. 🙂
    We need to know, about how old are Jack and Ellayne?

    1. That’s one of those things I leave up to the reader’s imagination. In my mind, when the adventure begins, they’re 10 years old, give or take a little.

      By now they’re entering their early teens.

      When I started this, I had no idea I was going to write so many sequels.

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