Here Be Monsters: Dimetrodons

Watching an old Wagon Train episode last night, there was a view of some not-too-distant hills and canyon walls; and for no reason I can identify, an odd thing flitted through my mind: “That looks like Dimetrodon country.” Please don’t ask me to explain that.

People think Dimetrodons were dinosaurs because they’re always found in dinosaur play sets, but they were more closely related to mammals than to dinosaurs. When I was a kid I called them Sailbacks.

So this clip is from the BBC production, Walking With Monsters, and I enjoyed watching it because the effects are just so cool. I have learned to ignore the Darwinian fairy tales that usually accompany such films. We know that once upon a time there were Dimetrodons, and that there aren’t any now (except maybe in those hills beyond the ranch), and that’s all we know. I hoped Bill Hawks would ride out there and find the Dimetrodons, but he got sidetracked by having to buy horses from extremely dishonest people.

I am beginning to wonder if there are any Dimetrodons in Obann.

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    1. He is a Creationist who is rather literal, and sounds like a comedian if you have ever heard of him. He believes dinosaurs could still be around, in remote places like certain spots in Africa, New Guinea, and Loch Ness, Scotland.

  1. My son’t father-in-law claims that when he was in Vietnam back during the war there he saw a dimetrodon running around near where he was. I’ve heard of other people seeing one or other type of supposedly extinct dino critter. Once I read an article where someone found a live ichthyosaurus swimming about in the water. They caught it and pulled it out and took a photo of it. So you could be on to something there.

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