Encore, ‘To God Be the Glory’

While I rack my brain, trying to chase down a news story that may elude me after all, enjoy this high-spirited, lively performance of To God Be the Glory. I do love these churchofgod.com videos–this is a congregation that knows how to rejoice.

I don’t seem to have much gas today, but this hymn has perked me up a little. May God’s Spirit feed us all.

4 comments on “Encore, ‘To God Be the Glory’

  1. Fantastic! I’m so glad I listened to this after mulling over the church ‘relevance’ issue. Spirit-raising praise and worship – nothing like it!

    1. That’s what the lady said, once upon a time, on the radio: when Christians are wearing out, that’s the time to sing louder.

  2. I am sure we all wish you more “gas” and spirit and energy… speaking of which we had a near blizzard here, very high winds, ice, snow and even thunder and lightning.. lost power 3 times in 2 days – went 16 hours with no electric and no heat… brr..

    God kept us in good shape – and today around 4pm we had power and heat again.. We did not mind a few short interruptions- but having only 4 hours of electricity and heat in about 28 hours – while 40 mile an hour winds blew snow around… well it tends to make you appreciate “juice” of that type. We were extra thankful to have heat back this afternoon late – and thankful we were led to stock up on things we could eat in such a situation, as well as good rechargeable flashlights.

    We so often take for granted things that seldom fail – and God’s love is definitely one of those things.. until we get in a fix and need Him we don’t always take time to pray, to praise and to share about him. At this time of year its more important than ever.. Merry Christmas to all – and may God grant you a good and happy New Year.

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