Coming Close–So Close!–to 4,000 Hits

Here’s Ty Cobb, the first to get 4,000 hits. It took him many years to do it, and I’m a much nicer person than he was.

December of 2015 is already a record month for this blog. But if I can run up another 200 hits before they drop the ball tomorrow night, I will have made it to 4,000 hits for the month.

Well, what’s that, in the total scheme of things? I dunno, but it’ll make me feel good. Never got 4,000 hits in a month.

WordPress informs me that I have posted on this blog every single day of 2015, so far, with only tomorrow left to go. So I’ve held up my end, right?

And remember, I’m still taking requests for hymns. That window will be open every day from now on.

And if you’re new to this blog, please click “Books” (at the top of the page) and take a look at my Bell Mountain series of novels. Sample chapters, covers, blurbs–it’s all there.

Now to hunker down and see if we can make it to 4,000…

P.S.: WordPress has clarified this for me. If you visit the site and read one post, and then another, it counts as one Visitor, but two Views.

9 comments on “Coming Close–So Close!–to 4,000 Hits

  1. Congratulations, Lee! Just a few days ago, I asked and you hadn’t hit 3,000 yet. Your readers are trying 🙂

    I do have a question. Never having had a website or a blog, I don’t know what counts as a hit. If I’m already on your site and click any of your tags (which I do), does it count as a separate hit or is it just the initial arrival to your site?

    1. According to WordPress, if you visit the site and stay to read another post, or several posts, that would count as two or more views.

  2. Also Lee, a request for “I Am The Bread Of Life” – if you have not done it already. In our little (under 10 folks) choir many years back I called it the Oxygen song… as you put so much into singing it loud and strong, you felt like you needed little oxygen hoses hooked up into the back of the pews in front of you..:-)

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