We Did It–4,000 Hits!

Pete Rose was the second player to get 4,000 hits. It took him a long time, and he’s still banned from baseball for betting on his team and never saying he was sorry.

This just in, boys and girls: we did it, we collected 4,000 hits for the month of December. Thank you, one and all.

New Year’s Day tomorrow, and this blog will be open for business as usual, hymn shop and all. I’ve already got a couple of requests to honor.

I have posted on this blog all 365 days of this year. I’ll try to keep it going.

8 comments on “We Did It–4,000 Hits!

  1. Congratulations, Lee! Nice way to close out the year 🙂 It’s a great blog. A happy, healthy and truly blessed New Year to you and your family.

  2. Congrats Lee! Can you be hired out as a consultant to help other bloggers boost their hits? 🙂 I’m looking forward to another year of your insightful posts! Happy New Year to you and your family.

    BTW, I’m a Cincinnati girl, and was a huge Pete Rose fan growing up. His fall from grace is still a VERY sore subject.

    1. All he had to do was say he was sorry. America was aching to forgive him. But I remember reading how, when he came up as a rookie, management gave Frank Robinson and Vada Pinson (then the stars of the team) the job of mentoring him–and they found it harder than they’d expected.
      As for blog advice, well here’s the best I can do. 1. Give people what they really like, once you find out what that is. 2. Encourage your readers to get involved in the blog. 3. Post something every day. 4. And write like your hair’s on fire.

    2. All very sage advice! I will take it to heart as I get back to work for the new year. I have a long road ahead of me…lots of goals…so little time…

    3. Just to let you know, Allison, I’ve ordered a copy of your new book… better late than never. I will review it here. I expect it to be good!

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