Your Absolute Last Chance!

Today is your absolute last chance to buy one of my books in 2015. Sorry, I’d change it if I could, but them’s the rules. After midnight today, it just can’t be done.

So… if you want fantasy and adventure based on a Biblical worldview, suitable reading for the whole family, especially for ages 12 and up, with eight books in the series, so that it’ll be a nice long time before you run out of stuff to read–

Well, if that’s what you want, folks, I’ve got it. And I’ve got it right here. Just click “Books” at the top of the page.

And now, I think, I’ll rest–punctuated by compulsive peeks at my Stats Board to see if I can get those 4,000 hits this month.

Just 50 more to go…

6 comments on “Your Absolute Last Chance!

  1. Does this mean they won’t be available at all? And what would the cost be to obtain the whole set?

    1. No, no! They won’t be available anymore in 2015 because it won’t be 2015 anymore.
      If you order directly from the publisher, The Chalcedon Foundation, via the little shopping cart icon, the books are 30% off through Jan. 31. If the icon doesn’t work (I dunno why it wouldn’t), visit the Chalcedon Store at
      I hope that’s the information you needed. That would be about $68 for the first 7 books.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up. Sometimes, I do have senior moments. I’m usually pretty quick to pick up on tongue-in-cheek comments, but, alas. . .
    I’m going to try to get the whole set before the end of January. I have granddaughters (22 and 24) who love to read, as do I. And we also have a granddaughter, 16 months, and a great-grandson, 18 months. Your books would be a great gift to them, and as the grandchildren reach the appropriate age, I’m sure they would love them. Even at 67, I’m sure I’ll read them before I gift them 🙂

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