‘Books? Yes, We Have Books’

(From George Pal’s The Time Machine, 1960)

Watch what happens when the Time Traveler from 1900 tries to question the dull, almost brainless Eloi of almost a million years into the future. In real life, of course, thanks to public education and nearly universal collidge, we’re getting there a lot faster than H.G. Wells ever dreamed. Many of our people have already attained Eloi-hood.

Knowledge gets lost, even when it’s written down. If no effort is made to preserve it, knowledge evaporates into the past.

The Kardashians. Comic books. Movies based on comic books. Video games about zombies. University-level courses in comic books. Courses in zombie studies. Feminism. Rap music. Gender-neutral pronouns and safe spaces. Hitch ’em all to the sleigh and they’ll take you straight to Eloi country.

In The Time Machine, the Eloi do serve a purpose: the Morlocks, who dwell in darkness underground, eat them.

What purpose is served by a 25-year-old living at home with Momma while he works for his bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies?


3 comments on “‘Books? Yes, We Have Books’

  1. Purpose? Well, my first guess is to make complete compliant dunderheads of an entire generation – and beyond. It appears, unfortunately, as though they are succeeding. And, of course, any knowledge of God must be obliterated in the process, lest they wake up.

    1. Laura, the rest of the movie is every bit as good as any film you’ll ever see–one of my all-time favorites. The sets are absolutely convincing, and the whole thing comes with a depth of feeling very rarely seen in science fiction.

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