What, No Storm Troopers?

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I had this news story–the one about the FBI raiding a pro-life activist’s home like it was The Fortress of Bad–and I wanted to illustrate it with a picture of Adolf Hitler’s storm troopers. These Nazi street thugs played a major role in bringing Hitler to power; and then he turned on them, wiped ’em out.

Ah! But when I searched for “images of storm troopers,” all I got was dozens and dozens of pictures of these ineffectual little nebbishes from the Star Wars movies–who learned everything they knew from a bunch of bowling pins.

Y’know, World Ward II was not that long ago. Our fathers fought in it. My generation grew up with WWII videos all over TV, toy army men, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich… and Storm Troopers. Brownshirts. Sturmabtielung. I knew all about them by the time I was in sixth grade.

But now? History? The collective memory of the human race? “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

So you make an Internet search for some little piece of history–and what you get is rock bands, movies, cable TV shows that you never heard of, comic books… all this trivial dreck, all this “what’s happening now,” and not a trace of what you were looking for. Yeesh, I hate rock bands.

It’s very hard to learn anything if you can’t freakin’ remember anything! History is our memory. Why are we so quick to embrace amnesia? Are we that fond of old disasters, that we want to relive them?

Maybe we don’t have actual storm troopers today; but our FBI is increasingly good at imitating them.

‘Canada’s Thought Police’ (2013)

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Sew enough of this schiff and you’ll be sure to reap it, too.

Canada’s ahead of us in wiping out civil liberties, but now that our FBI has been transformed into the Democrat goon squad, we’re catching up fast.

As for “diversity”–live by the sword, die by the sword. As this rabbi in York found out.

Canada’s Thought Police

He was happy to help the Thought Police stifle anyone who Thought The Wrong Thing or Said The Wrong Thing…

And then, suddenly, it was his turn to be silenced!

They always think they’re gonna be the ones tying the gags, don’t they?

‘Antifa Calls for Nov. 4 “Revolution”‘ (2017)

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Where are they now?

Have I got this right? People enter a public building to protest a crooked election, mill around, get arrested, and are accused of making an “insurrection” more calamitous than Pearl Harbor.

But if Far Left thugs from Antifa tear the country apart with riots in a dozen different cities, killing people, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage… that’s a “mostly peaceful demonstration”?

Antifa Calls for Nov. 4 ‘Revolution’

Speakin’ of Antifa, where did they go? Looks like SloJo himself has taken over their role. Did they make a mistake and bite the hand of a Democrat, and lose the Democrats’ sponsorship?

Oh, wait’ll the Dems lose the midterm elections. Then we’ll see Antifa again.

While the riots were going on, The New York Times was celebrating the Russian Revolution. I mean that literally. They thought it was a good thing, and devoted 30 weekly articles to it.

In case you were wondering who inspires Antifa.

Study Finds ‘Zero Evidence of Climate Emergency’

The main lesson here is not “science,” but common sense.

In the absence of evidence, we should stop squandering our money on stupid “climate change” gimmicks and policies. Otherwise the money won’t be there when we need it!

Bird-killing “wind farms,” acres of solar panels filled with all sorts of toxic stuff we don’t know how to dispose of, inane restrictions on economic activity–we are wasting labor, thought, and money!

The international study cited by Sky News deplores the “naive belief in immature climate models” when the data shows… nothing! No emergency. No major changes. Nothing but the normal variations.

But that’s not how you rake in tax moneys and endow the government with undreamed-of power over people’s lives, is it?

And that’s what “Climate Change” is all about.

‘Is the Bible Just Stories?’ (2015)

Currier & Ives | Noah's Ark | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Noah’s Ark,” by Currier and Ives

I run this post from time to time because there’s always someone out there, very often someone who calls himself a Christian, who insists that the events described in the Bible never happened–that they’re “just Bible stories” intended to convey a “moral lesson.”

Is the Bible Just Stories?

This is the price of admission into the temple of this world, where Science is the idol and whatever’s happening now is the liturgy.

Honk if it’s a place you want to be.

Memory Lane: ‘Ivanhoe’ (Again)

I was only nine years old when I watched this Ivanhoe TV show in 1958. Loved it, of course. But the abridged version they had us read in high school was wretched enough to sour me on it for several decades.

Well, I’m reading it again now, in all its original glory, and loving it again. Like all great novels, it has something new to offer every time you read it.

What impresses me this time out is Sir Walter Scott’s depiction of an England that’s still in the process of being born, it’s not quite England yet. A hundred years or so after 1066, the country has a Saxon populace and a Norman French ruling class. It’s still a conquered country, still without real law (despite the honest efforts of Henry II), and being a conquered country really sucks. It also has a population of Jews ground down by persecution. All of this was missing from that warped edition they imposed on us in high school.

We Americans founded our country and gave it a legal framework, the Constitution. But countries in Europe weren’t so blessed. Ivanhoe shows us some of England’s birth pangs. These countries had a long way to go before they became the countries that we see today: they could have easily turned out to be very different from the European countries that we know.

History lives. It’s always being made. It always needs God’s blessing. The Lord has abundantly blessed our country, sparing us much of the pains suffered by the European countries in their formative centuries.

History should teach us to be grateful for that. And to avoid mistakes!

‘Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire’ (2016)

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In the midst of a presidential election campaign, in which Democrats floated the idea of throwing people into prison for “Climate Change Denial,” the National Snow and Ice Data Center came up with a bunch of reports of shrinking polar ice caps–reports that were rather easily shown to be untrue.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Oh! But now, having stolen the next election after that, they’ve got what they want! Trillions of dollars spent on “Climate”! And dissenters, beware–that’s the FBI banging on your door in the middle of the night.

We have just about completely lost our country.

Does anyone know how to get it back?


‘U.N. Tomfools At It Again’ (2016)

Petition · Defund the UN and its Corrupt Practices · Change.org

Abusing America with America’s money!

Lately the United Nations has been letting the World Economic Forum, Big Tech, and undergrown nimrods to do its dirty work. But six years ago, they unleashed their Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent…

U.N. Tomfools at It Again

We get this demand for “reparations” from some of the same countries that still practice slavery within their borders–and they preach to us? We got rid of it over 150 years ago… and at a cost of half a million lives. We gave at the office, sunshine.

When are we going to wise up and part company with these international crooks, thieves, and babblers? I mean, if there are any bigger hypocrites anywhere on earth, I don’t know where we’d find them.

The End of the U.S.S. Constitution

USS Constitution - Museum Review | Condé Nast Traveler

The secretary of the U.S. Navy’s Office of Racial Justice, Capt. Horace Poohbah, has announced plans to decommission and scrap “Old Ironsides,” the U.S.S. Constitution, the oldest commissioned ship in the Navy.

“Like the Constitution itself,” said Poohbah, “this here ship is just a relic of a time when slavery was practiced in America and we don’t want to remember those times, do we? This ship is good for nothing, it can’t fight modern naval vessals, it don’t even have a engine–all it does is glamorize America’s disgusting history. It’s high time it went to the scrap heap!”

Poohbah said he was not “fully in on” plans to repeal and scrap the Constitution itself, replacing it with a “more modern” design for government, courtesy of China. “Next time I play slapjack with Old Joe, I’ll ask him about it. Heck, we been tryin’ to ditch that Constitution for years! But first the ship–we can do that–and then the document.”

The Constitution’s berth in Boston harbor will be taken by the U.S.S. Drag Queen, a destroyer. “It’ll destroy a lot of things,” predicted Poohbah.


Noozie’s Dire Warning: ‘A Threat from Within’

Meet the Press'" real problem: What to expect from the Chuck Todd  misadventure | Salon.com

Would you buy a used car from this gorp? How about some used propaganda?

How many steps do we still have to take before we’ve walked so far away from freedom that we’ll never find the way back?

*FBI spying on parents. *Biden calls tens of millions of us “semi-fascists” and “threat to our democracy.” *FBI raids Donald Trump’s home. *FBI raids homes of at least 35 Trump supporters <<<hard to be sure, with a nooze media blackout in play.

And yesterday it was noozie Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, gabbling about “We’re now as a nation battling a threat from within” (https://twitter.com/theblaze/status/1568992497812262916).

What threat, Chuckles? Do you mean us? Everybody who doesn’t hop onto your little CRT-transgender-illegal alien-UN-Climate Change-World Economic Forum bandwagon?  He doesn’t say. He doesn’t elaborate. Just “a threat.”

Face this fact: We are governed by persons who hate us. “Dissent” was a cherished civic virtue in the 1960s… when Democrats wanted us to turn on Richard Nixon–and on the war in Vietnam which Democrats got us into in the first place. We were told to stand up and cheer for “dissent.”

Now it gets you a midnight visit from the FBI.

In all our nation’s history, we have never been closer to losing our freedom than we are now.