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Scholar (LOL) Thinks Vikings May Have Been Muslims

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So they found some silken goods in Viking Age burials (9th-10th centuries) in Sweden, and some of these pieces had the name “Allah” woven into them in Arabic writing–so that must mean the Vikings were, well… Muslims ( At least, so says a scholar who may have watched The Thirteenth Warrior a few more times than is good for her.

And just to state my bona fides, my specialty in college was the history of the Viking Age. So I know hooey when I see it, and this is hooey. It’s just part of academic leftids’ infatuation with Islam. I knew my education would come in handy someday, if I only waited long enough.

Some of the clothes also have little swastikas woven into them. If we keep looking into ancient Swedish graves, will we find Martin Bormann?

If ever any people left behind an abundant and reliable written record, it was the Scandinavians of the Viking Age. I mean, they wrote down everything! And somehow not a single mention of any “Muslim vikings” appears in any of the sagas, poems, histories, Eddas, or in the copious writings of the great 13th-century Icelandic historian, Snorri Sturlusson. That this curious cultural phenomenon should have eluded Snorri is a preposterous idea.

But when it comes to academics swooning over Islam, it’s “Preposterous ‘R’ Us.” This scholar, for example, speculates on the Scandinavian peoples of the Viking Age picking up “Islamic ideas such as eternal life in paradise after death.” Apparently this ignoramus never heard of Valhalla, never read Beowulf, and has picked up a very bad habit, so prevalent among self-anointed scholars nowadays, of talking through her hat.

The fact is, because the Vikings themselves sailed over as much of the world as they could, stuff from every place you could think of wound up in their possession–by looting, trading, or buying. Silk from the East was a luxury item that always sold well in the West. A silken blouse woven in Persia would have made a nice anniversary present for Helga in Uppsala.

But by now I have probably told you more than you wanted to know.




The Blue Mass

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When I was a kid, when I thought of police, I thought of Detective Canary, in a straw hat, on the pitcher’s mound on July 4, trying to strike out firemen in our town’s annual police vs. firemen baseball game.

But this is 2017.

Across the street at St. Francis’ Church, they’re having the annual Blue Mass for police officers from all over the state. This year’s Blue Mass is different.

How different? There are snipers up on the roof of St. Francis’ School; and when I looked out the door, two cops in riot helmets walked past, carrying submachine guns.

Usually I complain about the militarization of police forces. But again, this is 2017. Antifa vermin are running around loose instead of sitting in jail where they belong. Psychotic liberals and Black Lives Matter thugs chant, “Wadda we want? Dead cops! When do we want ’em? Now!” There is violence loose in the land–violence set loose by Far Left mutants who wish our country ill.

O Lord, O Jesus Christ Our King, defend us! And bless and defend our police officers–who now, it seems, really do need all that military equipment they’ve been buying. Grant, O Father in Heaven, that someday we can be back with straw hats and a baseball game.

Libs Outsmart Themselves with Slavery ‘Game’

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Among the several towering defects of public education is its compulsion to convince America’s children that America is a hellhole of Social Injustice, and certainly not a country worthy of anyone’s respect or loyalty.

So they’ve cooked up this series of online games called “Mission US,” all of them focusing on the sufferings of poor downtrodden minorities at the hands of, well, white people in America, because they want kids to grow up thinking their country really sucks and a place like Venezuela would really be just so much nicer…!

One of these games, “Flight to Freedom,” portrays the evils of slavery, which ended 150 years ago and now only exists where it is practiced by Muslims. But when they brought it into the classroom at Phoenix Elementary School, the lesson backfired ( Parents got terribly upset, claiming that the game is “potentially traumatic” for their children.

One of the accomplishments of the Left’s incessant yawping about slavery is to have made me just not care about it anymore. The Romans enslaved some of my ancestors, and who cares? I mean, why doesn’t that count? Was it just too long ago? Well, then, what is the shelf life of injustice?

There is hardly any group of people on the earth that has not been enslaved at some time or another, and certainly no group–if we insist on talking about groups, instead of individuals–that has not suffered injustice at some other group’s hands. It’s called history: and if God the Father didn’t work overtime to preserve us from our own deeply sinful selves, we’d have no history.

“MissionUS” is nothing more than another tiny cog in a vast injustice-collecting industry run by liberal power-grabbers hoping to grab still more power by fomenting racial discord.

Because if racial harmony were ever allowed to flourish here, they’d all be out of work.

Devoured by an Idol

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A 31-year-old woman in Japan, a journalist, in fact, recently died… from overwork. She put in 159 hours of overtime in her last month, taking only two days off (

According to the government, 1 in 5 Japanese employees is at risk of death or suicide as a result of overwork. They’ve even got a word for that kind of death: karoshi. The government says employers want their employees to put in excessive overtime “to demonstrate their dedication” to the job. So they’re mulling legislation to limit overtime to 100 hours a month.

World War II hollowed out Japanese culture; and what flowed back in to fill it up was not very nice. Their cities lay in ruins. Their emperor, supposedly a god, had to sign surrender articles aboard a U.S. battleship. They were nuked twice. And so, it seems, they raised up an idol to replace all that was lost. Economic progress and prosperity, literally at any cost: that replaced everything they’d once believed it.

What Japan needed was Jesus Christ, and spiritual healing. This never occurred to General MacArthur and his Occupation government. It certainly never occurred to the Japanese themselves. We all wanted to build Japan back up as quickly as possible, as a bulwark against communism.

That was accomplished. But at what cost?

Now the government is getting nervous because the idol is consuming too many lives, and at an early age, to boot. Japan’s birth rate has dropped almost to the vanishing point. They seem to be really gone on humanoid robots–as replacements, I suppose: very few babies are getting born.

Hundreds of years ago, the Japanese government wiped out Japanese Christians in a savage campaign of genocide.

The ripples of that event have yet to lap against the farthest shore.

A Cultural Disaster, a Hymn, and a Prayer

In my own lifetime, right before my very eyes, America changed from a Christian country to some dark place that I can hardly recognize. Everything we used to honor we now despise; and whatever once appalled us, now we venerate.

Have you noticed that, on the floor of the United States Senate–the place where decency and common sense both go to die–Democrat Senators have been savaging assorted nominees for their Christian beliefs? Socialist wacko Bernie Sanders, currently the odds-on favorite to be the God-Booing Party’s next presidential candidate, said of ordinary, basic Christian belief, “[I]t is indefensible, it is hateful, it is Islamophobic, and it is an insult to above a billion Muslims throughout the world.” Of a nominee who confessed that, as a Christian, he actually believes Christianity is true, Sanders wrote him off as “really not someone who is what this country is supposed to be about.”

Do Sanders and his imitators–the sinister Diane Feinstein, for one–mean to suggest that Christians cannot serve in any public office unless they declare they don’t believe that Christianity is true? They’ve all but demanded that nominees trample on a crucifix before they can be sworn in.

What I want to know is, how did we get here? I remember a time, in my own lifetime, when it would have been unthinkable to indulge in a public display of Christ-hating. Now it’s done all the time, and those who do it are richly rewarded. How did we come to this? Please join me in prayer.

O Light of the World, O Jesus Christ Our Lord! Yours is the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world, the true light that the darkness cannot put out! Lead us out of darkness, Lord: oh, light our path. Lewd and wicked individuals, tirelessly working at it, have deeply corrupted our whole civilization, which once had the name of Christendom.

O Lord Our King, we confess that we did not deserve the name of Christendom and were very, very far from living up to it, doing things directly contrary to your will and yet daring to say we did them in your name. If you are angry with us, your anger is righteous and just.

O Lord Our God, the defense we plead is the Blood of Christ, which taketh away the sins of the world. We are your people, the sheep of your hand, and we need our Shepherd! Strengthen our faith, O Lord; give us the power to endure, until you make Christ’s enemies His footstool. In Jesus’ name, amen.

They Still Like Communism

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The New York Times spent much of the 1930s publishing Walter Duranty’s astoundingly dishonest reports about how wonderfully everything was going, inside Stalin’s Russia. No man-made famines here, folks! No gulags, no firing squads! Just another workers’ paradise!

Well, the times have changed, but the Times hasn’t. Did you know they’ve been running a series of articles celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution–and the birth of an empire of wickedness that murdered at least 100 million people in the 20th century alone? Or, as the NYT puts it, “well-intentioned people trying to build a better world” ( The thrust of the series, aptly called “The Red Century,” red being the color of shed blood, seems to be an overpowering desire to give communism one more chance. “This time we can do it without the  barbed wire and the mass graves and yanking people out of their beds at midnight and putting them on trial for things they never did–honest!”

There is not now, and has never been, a communist regime that didn’t have to keep its people there by force. What do you suppose they were all running away from? Multitudes of people risked their lives–some unsuccessfully!–trying to get out of communist countries. Do the editors of the Times honestly not know that?

Nah, they’re liberals. And to leftids, colossal human suffering is just part of any well-intentioned attempt to build a better world.

Symbol of Hope and Sanity

This is the Cathedral of the Epiphany in Irkutsk, Siberia, and this is the music of its bells.

Built in the 17th century, the cathedral survived 70 years in the Godless Soviet wasteland, the communists having shut down religious services and converted it into a bread factory.

When I was growing up, there was no hope whatsoever that the Soviet Union would ever pass away. But it did! I was still in bed when Patty came running upstairs with the news: “There is no more Soviet Union!” It was as if God had simply plucked it off the table.

He can do things like that.

And the bells, so long silent, ring again. God hears them. He did not forget them, nor His people who were waiting for the day when they could hear them, too.

100% Insincere ‘Protest’

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Hey! Remember what happened in football just a few years ago, when Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow decided to “take a knee” on the football field? Because his gesture was meant to thank and honor God, they ran him out of the league. The way the sports nooze media reacted, you’d think he was sprinkling holy water on Dracula.

Now it’s 2017 and you’ve got whole teams “taking the knee”–if you’re more fed up with that expression than I am, you probably qualify for a prize–to “protest” for some kind of “Social Justice” that has mysteriously eluded millionaire football players. And for the most part, the team owners are piously spouting gobbledygook in support of their players.

What pure distilled crapola.

Think back just a year or two. The Left is pouring it on the NFL, lawsuits over the Redskins’ name, massive action threatened on behalf of players who had suffered concussion as a result of playing football, constant complaints about every aspect of football, etc. It looked like they were trying to get rid of football altogether, undoubtedly because it had become a key fixture of American culture and lots of people liked it. Hating America as they do, leftids naturally hate whatever America likes.

Ah! But suddenly the owners get their chance to hop on board the Democrat Express! And hop they do. “Yo, look at us, we hate America, too! We are in solidarity”–ironic, the way that word was originally used in Poland to express opposition to communism–“with our players and their fight for Social Justice!”

Go ahead, idiots. Get America to hate you back, and see what that does for your profits.

Why is it so hard to learn that you shouldn’t even try to appease the unappeaseable? These “protests” are about things that didn’t happen, things that don’t happen, things that happened long ago and don’t happen anymore, things that someone failed to prevent the protesters from becoming millionaires–and there is no giving the protesters what they want, because they don’t know what they want and if they ever got it, they still wouldn’t be satisfied but would just go on to “protest” something else.

This is the legacy of President *Batteries Not Included, the only president we ever had who did his level best to stir up racial discord.

But more than that, it is the fruit of left-wing identity politics–which nowadays means exactly the same thing as Democrat politics.

Meanwhile, you heard it here: Give the protesters whatever it is they want, and they’ll just go on to protest something else–and probably something imaginary, at that.


Hillary Wants a Do-Over

Well, that 2016 election didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to, The World’s Smartest Woman didn’t get that lease on the White House that she was entitled to–because the Russians, don’t you know, cheated her out of it–so now she’s saying maybe history ought to be tossed out and the whole election done over (

She realizes there’s no lawful way to do this in America, but why should that matter? “You know,” she said, “the Kenya election was just overturned.” Take our cue from Kenya!

Madame Shouldabeenpresident made her remarks in an interview with (who else?) National Pubic Radio. (I think I’ll let that typo stand.) But the nooze media as a whole are very, very sympathetic. The New York Times and the Cleveland Plain Dealer have cited unnamed “computer experts” who told ’em of “mounting evidence of Russian interference” in the 2016 election–although why the Russians would want to prevent the election of the most bribable corruptocrat in the world is a total mystery.

And so, although even trying to do this would probably cause more tumult and disruption than America has ever seen since the Civil War, Hillary says an electoral do-over can’t be taken off the table: “I wouldn’t rule it out.”

In the 11 months since the election, Hillary and the Democrats and Antifa and Black Lives Matter have won over multitudes of normal people, who would just turn cartwheels over a second chance to vote for her. Nothing like calling people racists, telling them the hurricane served ’em right for voting for Donald Trump, calling them fools and nincompoops, spitting on everything they cherish, and threatening them with riots–what better way to win their hearts and minds?

I almost wish there were a do-over. I can hardly describe with what glee I would vote for Trump again. The reward for that–keeping Hillary out of the White House–is priceless.

Memory Lane: 500 Days Till Doomsday

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Almost our president…

Remember this? May, 2014–three years ago–the foreign minister of France got together with abortion-happy loon John Kerry and proclaimed the world has only “500 days to avoid climate chaos!” (

Have you noticed liberals and other Global Warming pinheads never, ever, have to be right in their predictions?

Thank the Force or whatever, the foreign minister exulted, that America has leadership, in Kerry the dope and President *Batteries Not Included, who are down for the struggle against Man-Made Climbit change! Surely they will harness the power of the government to make it be nice weather all the time!

Anyone out there who still believes these people really ought to be ashamed of himself. Uh, how many posh beachfront homes have the Rising Sea Levels Marching & Chowder Society bought for themselves lately?

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