An Extra Newswithviews Column, May 25 (‘Where’s the Peacemaker?’)

Theodore Roosevelt – Photo gallery -

Due to some confusion on my part, I have an extra Newswithviews column this week: they want me to write another one for tomorrow, my usual publication day. Ah, well, it’s nice to be wanted.

Here we ask again: who can broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine? Boy howdy, who could that be?

Where’s the Peacemaker?

We might also ask, do the world’s big shots even want peace? Their great goal is not peace. Their dream is global government, owned and operated by themselves at our expense. Do they mind chaos and destruction? Not if it brings them closer to that global government. Like their mentor Stalin said, gotta break eggs to make an omelet.

We need Donald Trump back in office.

‘Scientific Ninnies’ (2017)

The real-life Indiana Jones uncovering lost cities | CNN

I love reading about archaeological discoveries; but in recent years some of that pleasure has been rubbed away by nincompoops.

Scientific Ninnies

Come on, now! What kind of jidrool believes in socialism and thinks it’s “scientific”? That’s a 19th-century crotchet: that is to say, a perverse or unfounded belief. When socialists finish turning Venezuela into a lost civilization you’ll see what I mean.

So these guys do all the work and brave all the risks of finding this long-lost city in the jungle, and then they piss it away babbling about socialism.

There are reasons why cities and whole civilizations fail and disappear from history. Failure to practice socialism has never been one of them.

My Newswithviews Column, May 19 (‘Toward a World Government Run by Lunatics’)

41,710 World Economic Forum Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty  Images

Warning! Extremely toxic, may cause death if swallowed.

They create the crises and the messes, and then they offer to clean them up–for a price! Not much different from an old-fashioned extortion racket.

We are, of course, talking about the Global Governance-Great Reset-All the Money Flows to Davos crowd.  They’ll give us health and safety and equality and blind dates that turn out really nice… as long as we give them damn near all our money and all of our freedoms except the “right” to fornicate. For reasons of their own, they’ll let us keep that one.

Toward a World Government Run by Lunatics

Thank God we have our midterm elections before Davos can pull the plug on our national sovereignty. A thorough wipe-out of the Democrats ought to keep us out of the globalists’ museum of shattered nations.

And by all that’s holy, America needs to be steered well clear of the World Economic Forum… and all the rest of it.

Why Do I Cover Politics?

Old Testament 3, Lesson 9: Saul Becomes King - Seeds of Faith Podcast

Saul becomes king of Israel

This is a Christian blog. In fact, it’s part of the Chalcedon Foundation’s ministry. That being said… then why do I report on so much politics?

But the Bible, which reports on the human condition, is chock-full of politics! They didn’t have electoral politics as we do; but it was still all about power, who gets it and what they do with it, kings as well as presidents. And if you think there were no politics reported in the New Testament–well, go back and review the decision by the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem to kill Jesus as a kind of sacrifice to the Romans.

Throughout the Bible we see that wicked and ungodly leaders practice wicked and ungodly policies; and wicked and ungodly politics turns out wicked and ungodly leaders. You don’t need a microscope to see the difference between Hezekiah and Ahab. Hezekiah’s faith and reverence for God informed all his public acts; and Ahab’s spiritual wickedness informed his acts.

There is always spiritual wickedness afoot (see Ephesians 6): we have by no means outgrown it. Once upon a time in Israel the people, almost in a hysterical state, chose Saul to be their king. You might say he was their candidate for hope and change. That turned out just swell, didn’t it?

So, yes, I report on politics. Most of the politics of a fallen world will be fallen. That remains for Jesus Christ Himself to straighten out. But in the meantime, at least we can hope that on certain occasions we will see the present day’s politics for what they are, and avoid making disastrously wrong decisions based on spiritually empty misperceptions.

Today’s nooze is tomorrow’s history.

Lee’s Homeschool Reading List (4)

Mass Market Paperback The Last Plantagenets by Thomas B. Costain (1983-01-03) Book

The Last Plantagenets by Thomas B. Costain (1963)

I first read this book when I was 14 years old. My mother read it first and had high praise for it: nothing she liked better than lively, well-written history.

This history is as colorful as it gets. The Wars of the Roses and Richard III; the Peasants’ Revolt; Henry VI sinking into lunacy; William Caxton setting up his printing press–they’re all here in glorious technicolor. And Costain isn’t afraid to admit it when his passions get involved. Nor is he afraid to dip into historical enigmas and controversies–did Richard III really murder his nephews?–weigh the evidence on either side, and try to find the truth.

Many young people think of history as a collection of boring and irrelevant trivia; but The Last Plantagenets is anything but that. It just might whet your appetite for more.

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Where’s the Peacemaker?

Theodore Roosevelt – Photo gallery -

In 1904 Russia and Japan went to war over the spoils of Korea and Manchuria. It was a very punishing war, with high casualties on both sides.

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt intervened: not by arming one side against the other, not by threats, but by offering himself and his good offices to mediate the conflict. Delegates from Russia and Japan met with him at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in the summer of 1905. Before the summer was over, they had worked out a peace agreement which both countries were able to keep.

Today we have a shooting war in Europe, Russia having invaded Ukraine. The U.S. and her allies have been pumping billions of dollars into Ukraine’s war effort. And countless state-of-the-art weaponry, too. And lunatics here and there have been talking about the war morphing into World War III and going nuclear.

What we do not have is someone of the stature of a Theodore Roosevelt to bring both sides to the peace table. Someone whom both the Russians and the Ukrainians can trust.

It’s already too late for that mediator to be an American. Too many of our leaders have already shot their mouths off. And even if President SloJo had not already made clear his sympathies with Ukraine… would you trust this idiot to end a war?

Really, I can’t think of a world leader who can meaningfully contribute to stopping this war. It would have to be someone representing a major power; no one’s going to listen to the president of Costa Rica, however wise and honest he may be.

So who does that leave? The EU leaders are not impartial.

This is a work that needs doing; but no one seems to be available.

Guest Blogger: Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun - Portraits

Greetings! Betcha thought I was dead. Well, I’m not–just enjoying an unusually long retirement. I haven’t sacked a city in, oh, must be going on 17 hundred years. You lose your taste for it–ya know?

I’m here today because there was an incident in my career that the old poops who write history books have kind of forgotten about.

I forget what year it was. I was kind of hovering around the north of Italy with my Huns, thinkin’ about goin’ to Rome and raisin’ some cane, when some Romans showed up at my camp and–you’re not gonna believe this, but it’s true!–they handed me a petition. I mean, who petitions Attila the Hun? I was so surprised, I forgot to have them put to death for bugging me.

This petition, signed by everybody and his brother, actually asked me to hurry up and invade Italy! They were so ticked off by the high taxes the Roman Senate laid on them, they figured that whatever my Huns snatched up, whatever loot and booty and plunder we took, would still be a lot less than the Senate meant to take. And maybe I’d knock out the Roman army while I was at it.

All right, I never did get all the way to Rome, and I got out of Italy because it was getting too weird there–but I never forgot that petition.

And here’s the kicker. The tax rate that all those Roman farmers and businessmen were so upset about… it was only 5 percent!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

The Riddle of the Sphinx: Solved?

Great Sphinx of Giza | Description, History, & Facts | Britannica

Who says a Ph. D. in Gender Studies is worthless?

The world of archaeology is buzzing with a new theory advanced by Dr. Ringly Fungo, professor of Gender Studies at Hooza University. Who was the great Sphinx? Scholars have puzzled over this for centuries.

Now Dr. Fungo has the answer.

“It’s some guy with a lion’s body!” he declares. “It’s not some lion with a human head. Those were very, very rare!”

But who was it? A pharaoh? A prince? A high priest of Amun-Ra?

“For that information, we have to turn to Superhero Studies,” Dr. Fungo says. “That narrows it down considerable-like. The ancient Egyptians, who were all racists, concealed the statue’s identity. They also gave their superheroes silly names. But it’s either The Mighty Thor–who, it turns out, was a woman–or a superhero from Atlantis named Brandon.”

How did he come to that conclusion?

“You are triggering me with that question!” he replies. “I no longer feel welcome here! I no longer feel affirmed. Don’t even think of following me into my safe space!”


An Ancient Chinese Record of Christ’s Resurrection?

I don’t have the kind of scholarship I’d need to evaluate this video. It could be poppycock. It could be true.

According to an ancient Chinese chronicle, written down some centuries after the events described, at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, people in China observed an eclipse of the sun and somehow received a message–

–That all the world’s sins rested on one man, “and pardon is granted to all under heaven.”

I would need to do a fair amount of research before I could offer any kind of opinion on this. For the time being, it’s food for thought.


Leftids Go Ballistic Over SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-Tartarus) was only one of very many libs who went into orbit when it was leaked that the Supreme Court had ruled against Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that “legalized” abortion… without any legislation.

Warren’s outburst was typical,. “I am angry! I am angry that an extremist Supreme Court thinks they can impose–”

Whoa! How many times have Democrats run to the courts to impose something on the country that didn’t have a ghost of a chance of getting passed as legislation? But if these people weren’t allowed to do projection, they wouldn’t be able to talk at all.

This much passion ginned up for… well, for killing babies! To spend so much passion for an evil thing compounds the evil. Are these people quite all there? Some of them sound like they might be possessed. Fauxcahontas certainly does.

Remember–we are talking about an overpaid jidrool who got by for years pretending she was a native American, until a DNA test proved that that was crap. She’s no more an Indian than Angela Merkel. So she’s going to levitate and spin her head around while waving her fists in the air–all for abortion?

And do they honestly think that if they turn this into THE ISSUE, that everybody else is going to forget about gas prices, inflation, Afghanistan, our ruptured border, sky-high crime rates, lockdowns–just forget about it all and vote for Democrats because we’re all totally committed to abortion it’s the biggest thing in our lives and if they take it away from us we’re gonna burn this country down–[pant, pant]! This is going to endear them to the voters?

I admit it: these people scare me. They’d clap a 1930s Stalin regime onto us at the drop of a hat, if they could. They hate us, hate our country, and even hate our God. And they’re the ones who want to outlaw hate. Ah, projection!

May God deliver us out of their hands.