‘Oops! “Nebraska Man” Was a Pig’ (2018)

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Stop the presses!

Beware, beware, beware of Settled Science doled out to you by Experts! Like this, for instance: “Nebraska Man.”

Oops! ‘Nebraska Man’ Was a Pig

The top men in the field lent their names to this embarrassment. And today we’ve got yard signs (liberals’ yard signs) proclaiming “Science Is Real!” By which they mean Climbit Change. Uh-huh. Just like Nebraska Man was real. The top experts said so.

These top experts at least didn’t lie and use political chicanery to protect the lie.

Ours do.

‘A Mighty Fortress’ (Fountainview Academy)

Note the backdrop: the Coliseum, symbol of the power and might of Rome, where Christians were put to death for their faith–now a ruin.

Someday this hymn will be sung beside the ruins of todays globalist, humanist, pseudocivilization.

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, by Martin Luther; sung by the students from Fountainview Academy.

R.J. Rushdoony on ‘The Retreatists’

St. Stephen

When R.J. Rushdoony wrote this essay in 1994, we had no “Clergy for Choice” promoting abortion, no unrepenting “gay clergy,” no “re-imagining” conferences of minor league theologians trying to take the Cross out of Christianity. But we do now, and what he wrote in 1994 is only even more starkly true today.


The question he asks, he dares today’s churches to answer: “How will Christ the King treat a church that hands His world over to His enemies?” Ouch.

In Acts Chapter 6, the church in Jerusalem creates and appoints deacons to minister to her members, adding to the church an active agency for helping the poor and needy. In no time at all the establishment turns against the deacons and puts Stephen to death. That’s how important the deacons were. But in our time, in many of the churches, deacons have lost their function–if you can even find any deacons at all.

We as Christians need to reclaim lost ground for Christ’s Kingdom: too much of it has been surrendered.

The Ingredients of Fascism

Benito Mussolini | Biography, Definition, Facts, Rise, & Death | Britannica

“Fascism” is a word that gets tossed around a lot, these days–but how many know what it really means?

Let’s try to know what we’re talking about. Fascism is a real thing, and here are its basic ingredients.

*A big, strong, highly centralized government. The bigger, the better.

*A small group of business oligarchs, corporate bigwigs, who control a disproportionate share of the unfortunate country’s business.

*A charismatic leader is just about indispensable to any fascist enterprise. Failing that, modern technology may be able to create such a leader. That’d be cool if The Leader didn’t really exist. (Note: In the World War II era, Japan’s fascism got by with a small group of leaders, gathered around Hideki Tojo. There was no Japanese Mussolini.)

*Wide popular support. People forget that fascist governments are usually greeted with enthusiasm by the unsuspecting populace.

*A Great Enemy, greatly feared, from whom The Leader and The Party will protect the people. Try “white supremacists” on for size.

*Now, if you want to refine your fascism into Peronism or Obamaism, simply add a few favored unions into the mix–public employees’ unions, already closely linked to government, are great for this.

Put ’em all together, season with a continuous flood of bad and alarming nooze (fake news will do just fine, if no real crisis is available), and, voila! You’ve got real, historical, 100% pure fascism!

I think the only thing our country’s missing is the charismatic fascist Leader.

‘The Day of the Pimp’ (2015)

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I can’t bring myself, this morning, to post any illustration that would actually pertain to the post below. So here are a few bluebirds instead.

Remember this? An ad campaign to rally support for Obamacare by touting it as a means of sexual liberation: thanks to Obamacare, women could have unrestricted sex with as many partners as they wished–and the government would pay for contraception: or, even better, abortion.

The Day of the Pimp

Now we are told some 80 million of us want this kind of government, and voted for a Pimp-in-Chief.

But that’s just another nooze media lie.

‘Hollywood Airhead Blames Hurricane Irma on Trump Voters’ (2017)

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Leftids really, really, really don’t like being disobeyed! They hate it even more when you simply don’t believe them. I guess that’s why the Far Left Crazy governor of Oregon wants to “eradicate” us–her word, not mine.

But she might not have to, if Mother Nature is invested in wiping out everyone who doesn’t believe in Climbit Change and choose-your-gender. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a Hollywood airhead making it all perfectly clear.

Hollywood Airhead Blames Hurricane Irma on Trump Voters

Have you noticed there are never any hurricanes, diseases, riots, famines, poverty, or blind dates that turn out badly… in countries ruled by leftids?

Oh? You haven’t?

Rated PG for… ‘Historical Smoking’

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What with movies wallowing in every sexual perversion known to a fallen world, in violence, crime, atheism, cynicism, and New Age twaddle, what do you have to show to get a PG rating?


Fap! Why, that Sherlock Holmes is no better than the criminals he catches! He smokes a pipe!

And this from the “Legalize Recreational Marijuana” crowd.

If smoking had been the worst thing the Kennedys ever did, they’d’ve been saints instead of politicians.


God Sets Them Up and Sets Them Down

The Insanity of Pride | Feeling God's Pleasure

As I press on in my study of Daniel, added by R.J. Rushdoony’s Thy Kingdom Come, I recall that I asked, the other day, “Is there a spiritual world that impinges on our world and can make its effects felt?”

The answer is “yes.”

God taught King Nebuchadnezzar, “… the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men and giveth it to whomsoever He will, and setteth up over it the basest of men” (Daniel 4:17).

God decides who’s king and who isn’t, and how long the king gets to be a king.

Because the spiritual world and our world are connected; and God is the connection.

Consider blessings and curses. They originate with God, in what we would call the spiritual realm, and are manifested in our world, here on earth: because God rules over both realms and to Him–and not to us!–the worlds are one and the same. Again, God Himself is the connection. He is Lord over both realms.

All this stupid, crazy stuff that’s going on in our world today–we can’t see how, but it is all part of God’s purpose. All this stupid, crazy stuff originates with fools in rebellion against Him and against His created order. It all fails, and will continually fail.

God took away Nebuchadnezzar’s reason, reduced him to an animal existence: so  that Nebuchadnezzar would learn to understand that God gave him his kingdom and God took it away: God rules in the kingdom of men–our world–and gives it to whomsoever He will. It took Nebuchadnezzar several years of living like a beast to learn that lesson; but learn it he did. Others never learn, and eventually God removes them.

The spiritual world is intimately connected with ours: the Bible says so.

But it’s something we forget a lot. To our cost.

Study Along with Me

I’ve been trying, really trying, to understand the insanity our country and the world are living through, these days. So far, it eludes me.

Lately I’d been wondering if it was time I revisited some of the books by R.J. Rushdoony that I read when I first joined the Chalcedon Foundation, going on 20 years ago (longest job I’ve ever had!); and that thought jelled yesterday when my daily Bible reading brought me to Daniel 10. At about the same time, “Unknowable” made a thought-provoking comment about an incident in that same chapter, verses 9-14: the angel’s struggle with a spiritual “prince of Persia.”

I want to know more. Some instinct is telling me that this has become a key Bible chapter for understanding the realities of our own time, here and now.

I know I’ll find insights in Rushdoony’s Thy Kingdom Come: Studies in Daniel and Revelation. I have to make time to re-read it.  Revelation echoes the Old Testament prophets–Daniel, Ezekiel, and Isaiah, to name just three.

I hope some of you will decide to study along with me and share your insights here.

Is there a spiritual realm that impinges on our world and can make its effects felt in it? Are those worlds less radically separated than we thought? After all, God inhabits both of them. Are the events described in the prophecies already taking place? What do we need to know from the Bible to make this present point in history intelligible–and navigable–to us?

I think of it as providing guidance for my prayers.

‘Are We Immoral (But They’re Not)?’ (2018)

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There wasn’t a day of Donald Trump’s presidency in which Democrats didn’t try to get him out of office. After four years, they finally managed it. And destroyed the integrity of our electoral process, maybe forever.

And there wasn’t a day of that four-year siege when they didn’t have some cockeyed “evangelicals” scolding the rest of us for supporting the one man who stood up to the Far Left and mostly stood alone. Like, we were “baaaad Christians” for supporting him.

Are We Immoral (but they’re not)?

I voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton. I voted for him again because he turned out to be the best president we ever had in my lifetime.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get our country back.