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When Clinton Tried to ‘Neutralize Talk Radio’

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No one noticed it when it was happening in 1996. Certainly no one reported on it. But now it’s turned up in documents kept in the Clinton Presidential Library. Rather foolish of them to hold on to these.

With the support of the Bill Clinton presidential administration, the Democrat National Committee embarked on a secret program to train 4,000 operatives to “inundate talk radio” with Democrat talking points ( Its purpose was to “neutralize” talk radio going into the 1996 election. They called it “the Talk Radio Initiative.”

Ops received a three-hour training session in which they learned what to say and how to say it, how to deceive the host, how to deceive the audience, etc. But it wasn’t long before talk show hosts noticed “the same language on the same subjects and the same arguments.”

How much did this cost, and who paid for it?

I think I can safely say Republicans never would have thought of this; and even if they did, they’ve be afraid to try it. Afraid of being called “racists.” And if somehow they found the nerve to try it, they surely would have blundered and been caught–like, right away. But Democrats kept their little scheme a secret for almost 25 years.

Why do Democrats work so hard to get political power? There’s almost nothing they won’t do to obtain it, no lie they won’t tell, no career they won’t destroy. Why? Is it just because political power means money–and plenty of it? Or does their lust for power over other people have a deeper, darker source?

They really do have to be put out of business. For good.

‘Fiscal Fantasy’ (2012)

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A burnt offering to the not-god of socialism

About the only thing that’s changed since I wrote this, seven years ago, as that the high-speed rail scheme, after burning through billions of dollars to no effect, went belly-up last year.

All the dark-blue Democrat states are in serious financial trouble. It’s only a matter of time before California and Illinois go into receivership. Do we even know what happens if a state goes bankrupt? I knew a New Jersey town that went bankrupt in the 1930s and was almost a ghost town by the 70s–almost all of every tax dollar they collected went to pay off the debt. They had fifty years of dreary misery before getting out from under that.

“Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! Of course we can keep spending money we don’t have! We’ll either get it back in taxes or it’ll rain down from the sky!”

Nothing good can come of being governed by lunatics.

‘Our Evil, Mindless Government’ (2014)

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Was it really only eight years? It felt a lot longer than that!

People have short memories. How many have forgotten how truly awful the Obama presidency was?

It was a festival of lawlessness. It was a celebration of all things perverse, insane, and wrong. We are blessed that our republic somehow managed to survive. But enough harm was done so that the next Democrat regime might finish us.

Use the power of the IRS to punish citizens for their politics? Oh, yeah!

But don’t let them catch you holding any bake sales…

Sept. 11: They Danced

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If telling the truth is hateful, then I guess I’m headed for trouble. But this is September 11: eighteen years ago today, Arab terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center.

And they danced in the streets of Paterson, NJ, to celebrate.

Mark Simone on WOR Radio, New York, is telling the truth about that. Check out this video from his website:

All these years, know-it-all liberals and government liars have been telling us, “No, that never happened! No Muslims danced for joy when the WTC went down!” We saw it on TV, and I knew someone who was there and saw it with his own eyes, right in front of him–but the big shots kept telling us we never saw what we saw.

Millions of people saw this! But somebody’s damage control quickly went into effect, no one ran the video anymore, investigators clammed up about it–and we were told it never happened, we must’ve imagined it.

Thank you, Mark Simone, for setting the record straight.

‘Determining the New Direction of History’

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(This Chalcedon editorial appeared Sept. 7, 2019.)

One of R.J. Rushdoony’s more controversial assertions was that humanism is busy killing itself, and slated for extinction. He then went on to ask what that requires us, as subjects of the Kingdom of God, to do. That question’s still here, right in front of us.

Because they’re running wild, heaping up wealth and power, and generally trashing our whole civilization, it’s easy to wind up thinking Christ’s enemies are winning. But everything they, er, “achieve” hurts them even more than it hurts us. Homosexual parodies of marriage, transgenderism, and, only lately, a dalliance with the prospect of wholesale cannibalism–these are not winning game plans. They think they’re on the path to creating a global government. But all they’re creating is chaos–and in the end, they’ll choke on it.

Yes, they look like Goliath, and they scare us. But remember what happened to Goliath.

A Belt of Courage: ‘King Alfred’s War Song’

We think we’ve got troubles? King Alfred, twelve hundred years ago–he had troubles! Heathen poured across the sea and swamped his kingdom, they’d have killed him if they’d caught him, he had to hide out in a peasant’s shack in the middle of a swamp…

And he wrote this: King Alfred’s War Song. “For the Lord is our defense, Jesu defend us!” I don’t know about you, but I need a belt of that just now.

Psalm 127: “My hope is in the LORD, which made heaven and earth.”

Someday the heathen will either be converted or destroyed. By their own hand, most likely.

Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. (Ephesians 6)

‘Down with Father Serra!’ (2016)

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They haven’t torn down his statue yet.

When leftists want to tear down everything of ours so they can put up everything of theirs, they really do mean everything–including the past. Including our memory.

Father Serra, in their blind eyes, committed an unforgivable crime by teaching Native Americans to be Christians instead of pagans. Never mind that he gave them hope of forgiveness of sins and everlasting life–to say nothing of making it impossible for colonial authorities to deny that the natives were fully human. Christianity and slavery are incompatible. It may take time, but eventually Christ makes all His people free.

And all the leftids boo and hiss.

Because they want to do the opposite, and make all the people slaves.

A Parable of Forced Equality

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New York wants to abolish programs and schools for gifted and talented students. There is a parable from the ancient world which seems to tell us why.

This story was told by both Herodotus, a Greek, and Livy, a Roman who lived some centuries after Herodotus. But I don’t think Livy lifted the story from Herodotus. Both presented it as a historical event, but it has much more the feel of a well-known parable.

The tyrant who ruled a certain city had one son to succeed him; but the young man didn’t know how he ought to go about being an effective tyrant. He asked his father, “How do you govern the city? How have you managed to stay in power for so many years?”

“I’ll teach you; it’s quite simple,” said the father.

Taking his son to a poppy field outside the city, the tyrant said, “Watch.” And with his cane he proceeded to knock the heads off all the poppies around them.

“This is how you rule the city,” he explained. “Even as I have cut all these poppies down so that none is higher than another, so have I maintained my power: by cutting down any man who rises to a certain height above the others, so that none is any greater than another, but all are equal; all are weak. I am the only one who towers over all. There is no one else whom they can turn to for a leader.”

You can see this sort of “diversity” has a very ancient pedigree. Tyrants have been cutting people down for thousands of years.

Fallen human nature hasn’t changed.

The Invention of… Eyeglasses

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From 1352–first painting of a monk using eyeglasses to read and write

I’ve worn glasses since I was a little boy, and I’d be lost without them. I didn’t know I was near-sighted: I didn’t know I should’ve been able to read the blackboard in school. They thought I was a bit stupid–until I had an eye test. Once I got my first pair of glasses, my grades improved, big-time. I’ll never forget riding home from the optician’s and being able to see everything that I couldn’t see on my way there.

But where did glasses come from? When were they invented? For how long did people like me have to muddle along without them?

Romans used glass globes filled with water to magnify print. The first glass “reading stones” were invented, by somebody, we don’t know who, around the year 1000 ( In the 13th century, Venetian glass blowers started manufacturing them; and in 1284 the first paired reading stones in frames came into use for monks and craftsmen.

The first recognizable eyeglasses, in frames, appeared in a painting by Tommaso da Modena in 1352, when the artist depicted monks wearing them so they could study manuscripts. From then on, various inventors improved eyeglasses to benefit all kinds of vision problems.

Eyeglasses are one of the all-time great inventions. Imagine how much progress could not have been made without them!

It’s Killing Us Back

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It’s getting so you expect to see mass shootings in the nooze, you can’t keep track of them; and if it’s not a mass shooting, then it’s some other lurid crime that once upon a time would’ve had the whole nation goggle-eyed for months but now just comes and goes, because there’s always another one, just as awful, to crowd it off the front page.

So we’re gonna have more gun laws. Yeah, that’ll do it.

The Smartest People In America–“progressive” politicians, academics, noozies, judges, ACLU lawyers, Hollywood, teachers’ unions, etc.–have spent sixty years poisoning, debasing, and debauching our culture–that is, corrupting our national character–and now everybody’s astounded that our culture is killing us back.

All the laws you can write won’t restrain bad people from being bad. Guns are virtually banned in London, but their murder rate topped New York’s this year. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

We’ve killed our culture. How? By teaching and preaching that good is evil and evil is good. Look at it. Sixty million unborn babies massacred. Drag Queen Story Hour. “The hero of this movie is a villain!” Everything is racist. Transgender. Out of one side of their mouths they preach radical autonomy, you’re a little tin god, your truth is the only truth that matters, “Good job!”–and out of the other, they’ll tell you what you can or can’t eat, can or can’t say, can or can’t think. This stuff makes people crazy.

The worst thing they’ve done–which started with them abolishing school prayer in the early 1960s–has been to teach the nation to despise God’s laws. Oh, we can still believe in Him, as long as we don’t mind being openly mocked by Smart People–and as long as we bend the knee to “choice,” transgender, same-sex pseudomarriage, and anything else the Left demands we hail as sacred. We are expected to honor and “celebrate” abominable things. It can’t help but maim our character.

Once upon a time first Israel, then Judah, rejected God’s laws and disrespected him by trying to elevate false gods to His level, or even merge them with Him in their minds; and their depraved beliefs led them to depraved actions–child sacrifice, idolatry, murder, and the abuse of law and government for private gain. So God destroyed their kingdoms.

He will eventually intervene in history. He always does, sooner or later. He will intervene in hours.

Pray that for Jesus’ sake He leads our country to repentance, not destruction.

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Christ Pantokrator–Ruler of All

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