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When Settled Science Was Lethal

We often hear “It’s settled science!” as the argument to shut down any and all discussion about Man-Made Climate Change. Back in the mid-19th century, it shut down the one doctor whose methods were the only methods that could stop the “child-bed fever” that was killing multitudes of pregnant women in hospitals.

Today Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiss, of Hungary, is memorialized on coins and postage stamps, with more than a few hospitals named for him. But in his own time, Semmelweiss was reviled, denounced as a charlatan, rejected, refused permission to carry on his work, and finally died in a mental hospital.

This was because Semmelweiss insisted that doctors under his authority wash their hands before tending their patients. At some hospitals, the mortality rate for women giving birth was around 18%. Women who gave birth in the streets had a lower mortality rate than that! But where Semmelweiss was able to get doctors to wash their hands, the mortality rate plummeted to 2%. In fact, in some months, no patients died of child-bed fever.

So Semmelweiss had the results; but that was all he had, and the scientific community ignored them. This 15-minute video by The History Guy on youtube tells the whole story: watch it before it’s taken down.

Thanks to my wife for impressing me with the importance of this history–to say nothing of its applicability to all eras of history, including our own.

“Settled science” can be fatal.

Tell-Tale Signs of Humanist Folly

Why is democracy better than Plato's philosopher King? - Quora

Some say the total fiasco resulting in the coronavirus pandemic is proof that globalism is not only a failure, but never could have been anything but a failure. I think that’s true.

But globalism is hyper-humanism’s holy grail, and they’re not about to quit on it.

Here are four signals that will tell you that you’re reading or talking to a hyper-humanist.

*Insisting that there is no God, hyper-humanists are more than eager to take on God’s job. They give themselves away by revealing their dogma that perfection can and will be achieved by… well, them. Imperfect human beings. They will create technology, societies, and political systems that are better, wiser, and more efficient than they are themselves. In their view, God couldn’t do it (because He doesn’t exist), but they will.

*Failed systems like communism and socialism won’t fail, no way, if they’re in charge! All those other poor saps in all those other countries all over the world–they just didn’t do it right. “But we will!”

*Because everything’s supposed to go right when The Smartest People In The World are in charge, if ever something goes wrong, it must be someone’s fault. Somebody let down the side. Some nay-sayer, biggit, hater, xenophobe, racist, trans-phobic deplorable must have screwed up somewhere. Probably on purpose.

*Everything “old” is useless and “on the wrong side of history.” Old stuff like Christianity, marriage, the family, nations, free enterprise: stuff like that. Everything “new,” that The Smartest People In The World just made up a few weeks ago–like 50 different “genders,” or, God forbid, a robot-controlled “social credit system” like they have in Red China’s workers’ paradise–that’s all good. That’s all on the right side of history.

Even one of these tell-tale signs, if you can spot it, should absolutely disqualify the writer or speaker from ever holding any public office or other position of responsibility.

Get these people out of power, and keep them out, before they come up with another pandemic. We probably don’t need philosophers and probably don’t need kings; but philosopher-kings are no use at all. And dangerous if swallowed.


The Bible Remembered What the World Forgot

Pygmy elephant from the Mediterranean

In Ezekiel’s lament for Tyre (Ezekiel 27), naming some of the luxuries enjoyed by the wealthy people of that city, the prophet mentions “benches of ivory, brought out of the isles of Chittim.”

This puzzled Bible scholars for many centuries. “Chittim” denotes the big island of Cyprus in particular, and refers collectively to the islands and seacoasts of the Mediterranean. But ivory from Chittim? There aren’t any elephants in Cyprus! Must be more o’ that fiction they just tossed into the Bible while they were cooling their heels in Babylon.

But in prehistoric times there were elephants on many of the islands in the Mediterranean–dwarf elephants, pygmies. No one wrote about them because writing hadn’t been invented yet: or else it had, but the writings have been lost–which, given the upheavals and tumults of history, not to mention the Flood, would not be surprising. Anyway, by modern times the little elephants had been thoroughly forgotten.

Until later on in the 20th century, when, lo and behold, fairly large troves of elephant bones and skeletons turned up on many of the islands. Lots and lots of ivory, not old enough to be quite fossilized.

So, yeah, in Ezekiel’s time, it would be natural to import ivory from Chittim, where they didn’t even have to hunt the elephants to get it. To this day elephant remains can be found there; they haven’t all been collected.

The Bible preserves much information that would otherwise be lost, and much that hasn’t been deciphered yet–and all of it true.

Mark Rushdoony: ‘The Christian and Upheavals’

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #2195: Mark Rushdoony

I’ve been looking forward to posting this new essay by Mark Rushdoony. It’s a “stand up and cheer” piece.

Mark recognizes that chaotic times are not exactly fun. “Upheaval brings change, and because we cannot see the future, the uncertainty causes us a great deal of anxiety.” But Scripture answers: “Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, ‘Yet once more,’ signifieth the removing of those things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken will remain.” (Hebrews 12:26-27)

So let’s put our heads down and keep working: because “Evil men do not control history, so they are periodically shaken out.”

Look for some of the bad guys to go missing.

Here’s Another Laugh

Someone cleverly adopted Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First?” routine, with President George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice trying to figure out who (Hu?) is the new president of China. I’m allowed to laugh at W. because I voted for him twice. Anyway, it’s a very funny video.

My Newswithviews Column, March 20 (‘An Interview with Western Civilization’)

See the source image

Somebody must have wondered yesterday, “What happened to Lee’s Newswithviews piece? Where did it go?” Please tell me somebody, somewhere, noticed.

Well, it fell through the cracks–I wonder if that ever happened to William F. Buckley–but here it is now.

An Interview with Western Civilization

Yes, it started life as one of last week’s blog posts. Don’t blame me. It was “TheWhiteRabbit’s” idea. I just thought it was a good one. And my wife thinks this is one of the best things I’ve written, so there.

Leftism is a mortal threat to any civilization.

Corona Cover-up: Red China

Image result for images of dishonest communists

Ach! Coronavirus story! But actually it’s a China story–a story about why it’s folly ever to trust communists (

It turns out that back in December, Chinese communist scientists realized what they were dealing with; and, in true Chicom fashion, covered it up by destroying samples, stopping tests, and suppressing news. They pretended that there was no virus. This gave the virus another three weeks of free rein, everywhere, until the Chicoms were forced to admit it was real.

Now they’re screaming “xenophobia!” at anyone who calls it the Wuhan virus–as in virus that came out of commie lab in Wuhan. Here, bubba, let me help you with that. Wuhan virus! Wuhan virus! Wuhan virus! Truth hurts, don’t it?

No one should have been surprised. This has been the pattern for Red China since Mao Tse-tung and the Great Leap Forward. Can’t meet your quotas? Well, in that case, they’re gonna kill you; so you lie and say you met them. Have you made a shoddy product? Lie and say it’s a good product, you followed all directions. It’s a tapestry of lies, dishonesty, shoddy workmanship, coercion, and sheer terror: all in all, the lifeblood of any communist regime. In Mao’s time they were burying people alive to make sure no one saw them starving.

Our partnership with Red China is and has always been a matter of going to bed with the devil. Now they’ve bought up half of Hollywood, more college professors than we’ve yet been able to count, a good chunk of our free and independent (LOL) press, and even nice swathes of our land.

Have we learned our lesson? Have we?

Hyper-Humanist Heeby-Jeebies

See the source image

I think we all know that the brass ring, for global elitists, is a world government. Absolute power. Because they’re The Smartest Persons In The World and we should consider it a privilege to be ruled by them.

How crazy are these kooks? How filled with hubris? Here’s how they put it back in the Seventies, in Humanist Manifesto 2:

“Using technology wisely, we can control our environment, conquer poverty, markedly reduce disease, extend our life-span, significantly modify our behavior, alter the course of human evolution and cultural development, unlock vast new powers, and provide humankind with unparalleled opportunity for achieving an abundant and meaningful life.”

If that doesn’t give you the willies, you’re probably dead.

Oh! And all you’ve got to do is give up all belief in God, all hope of eternal life and forgiveness of sins, and the last vestige of sane humility.

Now, who’s going to do all these wonderful things? Sinners and idiots, of course. Who else would want to sit where God sits and try to do His job? They’ve got the power of the state and the omniscience of Science–what could possibly go wrong?

But when anything does go wrong, whatever that might be–coronavirus, for example–then it can only be because someone has slipped up somewhere! Things are not supposed to go wrong–not with us geniuses running the show. Some Hater must’ve snuck some sand into the works. Or maybe the ungrateful deplorables out there didn’t do what we told them to. It can’t be that The Smartest Persons In The World aren’t fit to be gods!

The bigger the government, the bigger its crimes. If the 20th century ever taught us anything at all, it should have taught us that.

This creepy pagan pseudo-religion has oozed into our civilization year by year, mostly without Christians even noticing, let alone going out on a limb to proclaim the truth. There is only one person who has the right to set His throne upon the earth–Jesus Christ, and none other.

Meanwhile, the expectation that Everything Is Supposed To Go Right only makes us prone to panic–just as we are seeing in waves of dread and terror over imaginary Climate Change and not-imaginary coronavirus: real, but not The End O’ The World.

Do you really want these self-anointed nincompoops modifying your behavior?

As they confessed once before, and long ago, they have no king but Caesar.

We have no king but Christ.


‘U.N. Ninnie: Communism Can Save the World from Global Warming’ (2014)

Image result for images of communism

How many times do the Greenies have to let the mask slip off before we notice that they’re deep red underneath–commies to the core?

It killed 100 million people in peacetime in the 20th century alone, but they still love communism! Were they looking the other way when people risked death to escape from Cuba, Red China, East Germany, Hungary, and the other workers’ utopias?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! It’ll be totally perfect with the right people running it!

That’s what they always say. And then they set up death camps.

‘Big Brother Is Listening’ (2013)

Image result for images of obama listening on phone

Pretend it’s a Democrat debate, and raise your hands–how many of you have forgotten just how bad things were getting, under the Obama administration? Uh-huh. Time heals all wounds, eh? So let’s look back seven years:

Do we really, truly, not mind being governed by people who say America is full of “Christian terrorists” and the state needs to collect millions of citizens’ phone records so they can find out who’s naughty or nice?

If you’re even thinking about letting the Democrats come back into power, take a cold shower and never think of it again.

Once we let them back in, we’ll never get them out.

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