The Great Measles Scare of 2019

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Hey! Does anyone remember the Great Measles Scare of… 2019! That’s right–just a single year before the total COVID freak-out.

In California, UCLA and Cal State LA both required quarantine for students who couldn’t prove they’d been vaccinated for measles. One UCLA student came down with measles. One. But the state of California panicked (

Over in New York City, judges imposed a “mandatory” measles vaccine. Several communities refused to obey. Mayor “DeBlasio” (real name: Warren Wilhelm) threatened to close down synagogues–permanently!–unless he got his way. But nothing came of that.

Nationwide, in a population of over 300 million, there were 555 (!) cases of measles.

Because measles has long been a common childhood disease that few people had any reason to take seriously, governments largely failed to whip up a measles panic. They had to wait for King COVID to come along: then they could seize the power that they wanted. It worked because COVID is new and people were deathly afraid of it.

And that was the last we heard of the measles epidemic.

Meanwhile, we have never been told why we have to treat COVID as the most fearsome disease ever encountered, fully justifying the shut-down of whole national economies and all sorts of draconian restrictions laid upon us to fight it.

We are still waiting for that explanation. But then we aren’t quite sure where COVID came from and how it got loose, are we?

Did He Really Say… This?

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.)

So now we have video of a man whom our nooze media call the president saying, and we quote, “My butt’s been wiped.”


Of course, now the Dems are saying that he never said this, the sound got distorted somehow, he isn’t really ga-ga.

If he did say it, it has nothing to do with anything that was happening around him at the moment. He’d just come back to the White House after a weekend at home in Delaware.

So who wiped his butt, and when did he wipe it? To paraphrase Richard Nixon, “Your president is not a kook.” Except he is.

Do you honestly believe that this dotard who spent the whole campaign lurking in his cellar really and truly had 80 million people vote for him?

Let’s see the rallies, Joe.

And that’s all I’m going to say about this–hardly in the best of taste.

An Amazing Historical Coincidence

Pyrrhus MAN Napoli Inv6150 n03.jpg

Pyrrhus, King of Epirus: “Another such victory and I am undone!”

In the Book of Judges, Chapter 8, Abimelech, illegitimate son of Gideon, proclaimed himself king of Israel and went about conquering cities. During street fighting in the town of Thebaz, a woman brained him with a piece of a millstone and that was the end of him.

Fast-forward several centuries and hundreds of miles to the west: Pyrrhus, King of Epirus, invaded Italy and there won “pyrrhic victories” (a victory so costly as to be as bad as a defeat) and was finally driven off by the Romans. Returning home to the Balkans, he attempted to conquer Greece. And exactly the same thing happened to him as happened to Abimelech. During a street fight in Argos, a woman on the roof brained Pyrrhus with a piece of a millstone, ending his career in 272 B.C.

How does this happen? Did Greek and Roman historians take that story from the Bible and apply it to Pyrrhus? Or did this remarkable coincidence actually occur? Was the Bible better known throughout the ancient world than we’ve suspected?

The question has to be, Is this what really happened to Pyrrhus? If not, then we simply don’t know how he died. And for a man as famous as Pyrrhus, it’s very hard to imagine how that could be. There were any number of historians writing about Pyrrhus during his lifetime and shortly afterward–but none of them offers a different story of his death.

God passed judgment on both these tyrants, Abimelech and Pyrrhus; and it was the same judgment for each. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

‘Beware! Excessive Patriotism’ (2017)

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Here he is trying to look serious. Makes you want to weep…

I meant to post this on July 4, but somehow got carried away by excessive patriotism and forgot it.

Beware! Excessive Patriotism

What a clod. If there’s one thing that no Democrat anywhere has to worry about, it’s succumbing to excessive patriotism. All the patriotic Democrats are hanging out with centaurs and unipeds.

America will never be safe until there are no more Democrats in office, anywhere.l

A Book for Our Time

The Twelve Caesars: Suetonius, Kline, A. S.: 9781505260922:  Books

Reading nooze reports of Joe Biden’s erratic carryings-on, I found myself wondering, “Is this a chapter from Suetonius?”

It is to the early Roman historian Suetonius that we owe our picture of the Roman emperors as corrupt, bloodthirsty, hopelessly mad, silly, and a disgrace to their country. Maybe you never read Suetonius and don’t know anyone who has; but most of those juicy imperial scandals came down to us through him. Caligula claiming to be a god, Nero fiddling while Rome burns, Tiberius’ island of total debauchery, Livia poisoning practically everyone–all first recorded by Suetonius.

You can easily get a translation of his book, The Twelve Caesars. It makes for very lively reading! It’s impressive that Rome managed to survive these first dozen emperors, most of whom had more than a few screws loose.

Boy, is it easy to imagine Suetonius writing about Joe Biden! The Dodderer-in-Chief would fit right in. He and Claudius could have a woolgathering contest.

Note: If you’ve ever watched and enjoyed the PBS series, I, Claudius, know that most of the characterization and dialogue there comes from Suetonius more than Robert Graves.

God help us, our country is living out a chapter from Suetonius…

By Request, ‘Be Thou My Vision’

This hymn was being sung by Christians when Charlemagne was a baby in a stroller and the whole Western Hemisphere a legend–Be Thou My Vision, an Irish hymn from the 8th century. Requested by “thewhiterabbit” and entered into the hymn contest.

Sung by the Lebanon County Youth Choir. Background sets by God the Father.

Is This a … President?


Gee! Look at all those invisible Biden voters disguised as empty seats!

You’d think a nation would be mortally ashamed even to suggest that such a wreck as Joe Biden could be president.

So the other night Biden had a “town hall”–a euphemism for a totally contrived event choreographed by biased nooze media–with CNN. They had to jam everybody into the first couple rows to hide fact that the auditorium was 90% empty.

And then the man who calls himself our president got down to some serious babbling and fumfering. He is not the man he was: and the man he was was nothing to write home about. (

His rambling, disconnected takeoff on an audience member’s question featured cameo appearances by “a man on the moon” and “aliens.” It is hard to see how they fit in.

It is unfair to say Biden was flirting with the man’s wife. We know that when he flirts, he gropes. No–this was just some ham-handed pleasantry put forth as wit.

The real stuff here is the incoherent babbling.

Once upon a time long ago–I will not say “in a galaxy far, far away”–Biden was a practiced, professional politician who knew how to talk to people, knew how to warm them up, knew how to pass himself off as one of them. He has lost those gifts. His public appearances are pitiable.

And this represents our country to the world.

But then the other national leaders, with just a few notable exceptions, aren’t so hot, either.

‘Curtain’ Revisited

Curtain: Poirots Last Case

I don’t generally review books I’ve already reviewed. But I’ve just finished re-reading Curtain and it shocked me all over again.

This was a heckuva book to be writing while World War II was going on and German V-2 rockets were killing people on the streets of London. But that’s when Agatha Christie wrote it–the story of Hercule Poirot’s last case, written when she still had two more decades’ worth of Poirot mysteries to write–and then she locked it in a safe for 30 years.

In Curtain the world war is never mentioned. One senses that the action in the story could have taken place either just before the war or just after–although in terms of the Poirot timeline, that would be impossible. But that’s not why I’m writing this review.

Have you ever been involved in a group conversation in which one or two persons comes out with something totally outrageous, wicked, beyond the pale–and gets away with it? Worse–everybody else sort of tepidly, timorously agrees with it, even though you can tell by their body language that they don’t really agree and would just like this part of the evening to be over. So somebody drops a bomb–“I don’t care what they say, people who say they don’t believe in Climate Change ought to be jailed!”–and everybody else nods their heads, maybe mutters “Yeah, uh-huh,” and totally fails to call them out on it. Because, I guess, who wants to get into another one of those interminable arguments?

A lot of that goes on in Curtain. Characters natter on about useless lives, lives not worth living, people who are a burden to others, and how they all need to be humanely put out of the way, cull the crowd for the good of the species etc. And no one else ever says, “What are you, some kind of Nazi? You sound like Heinrich Himmler talkin’–if he were here, he’d fit right in!” I mean, we don’t even get an “Oh, come now!”

Now… why would Agatha Christie include such conversations in her novel unless she had heard them, probably pretty often, before World War II broke out? Heard them at dinner parties or casual get-togethers. Heard them from well-educated, highly thought-of people. After all, it was eugenics–which was Settled Science in the 1930s. You had to agree or you were anti-science.

Gee, I wonder why so many people in Britain became convinced that their ruling class wanted to sell them out to Hitler. Well, has our ruling class sold us out to China? Honk if you don’t think it looks that way.

This is a shocking book. Agatha Christie wrote it while her nation was fighting for its very life against an enemy that believed in eugenics and had no compunction at all about putting it into grim practice–an enemy with which her nation’s ruling class had much in common.

One wonders to what extent God had to intervene to keep Britain from entering into an alliance with Nazi Germany.


‘The People’s Climate March (Can I Wake Up Now, Please?’) (2014)

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Remember when it was all Global Warming, they hadn’t yet learned to call it “Climate Change”?

In 2014, with snow falling in our Western states while it was still freakin’ September, jidrools the world over called for a People’s Climate March.

The People’s Climate March (Can I Wake Up Now, Please?)

Yes–it was to be a march that would (wait for it!) “change everything”! And if you didn’t want everything changed, well, ain’t that just too bad?

Why does everything these people say sound like it was first babbled by Chairman Mao in between bouts of killing people?

And now they’ve stolen our government. Or did the Chicoms buy it for them?

Can Scientists Resurrect the Aurochs?

Return of the Aurochs | Discover Magazine

Europe’s domestic cattle are descended from the aurochs, a wild animal that died out in 1627, in a Polish forest. For some decades now, scientists have been trying to bring the aurochs back to life via back-breeding. An particularly notorious attempt was made by zoologists in the the Third Reich, resulting in sort-of/kind-of pseudo-aurochs called “Heck Cattle.”

Well, at least we know what the aurochs looked like, because our ancestors painted its picture on the walls of caves. Julius Caesar and other ancient writers described the aurochs’ size, strength, and speed. But by 1627 there were only a few of them left. The local people tried to save them, but at last a winter came that took away the last of the mighty aurochs.

We also have aurochs skeletons.

Aurochs | extinct mammal | Britannica

So… We have skeletons, we have pictures drawn from life, written descriptions, and many domestic breeds of cattle with aurochs DNA in them. And there are still projects ongoing to breed cattle back to the aurochs.

Can this ever succeed? Will it usher in an age of restoring colossal prehistoric animals?

And just how badly do we want that?