‘UK Doctors Ordered to Rat Out Patients Who Gain Weight’ (2014)

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Mommy! Johnny gained two pounds!

This is another one of those stories that rises to the surface, makes a loud pop, and then disappears. But regardless of how this eventually turned out… when was it ever any of the government’s business what you eat and how much?

UK Doctors Ordered to Rat Out Patients Who Gain Weight

For cryin’ out loud! You subject a nation to socialism, and then you’re astounded when the people act like children? If you’re going to turn them into perpetual infants, that’s a lot of diapers to change.

Do you ever get the impression that for some people, there are no imaginable limits to government?

‘My Generation Ruined America’ (2014)

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If only we could have skipped that decade!

I shudder when I look back on the 1960s. That was when things began to fall apart. Every college student had a ringside seat. We had no idea what we were chasing after. Our professors told us we were wise, and made us fools.

My Generation Ruined America

We’re still living with the wicked idiocies embraced by my generation in its youth–remember “Youth Culture”? Sure, we were exploited: clever villains fed on our ignorance. But some of this, really, we should have seen through. We shouldn’t have been such butterballs.

“‘Thunderbird Attack” Revisited’ (2019)

Ruth and her son, Marlon–who was almost carried away by giant birds.

In 1977, in Lawndale, Illinois, children were attacked by a pair of what witnesses called “giant birds.” One of the boys, weighing some 60 pounds, was nearly carried off.

‘Thunderbird Attack’ Revisited

Seven or eight eyewitness accounts tallied closely; but no one had had a chance to take a picture. On rare occasions, an eagle might attack a small child; but no one thought these birds looked like eagles.

The most perplexing aspect of the whole case was the mockery, spite, and anger directed at the target of the birds’ attack. The little boy and his mother practically became outcasts.

Why do you suppose that happened?

‘The Pseudo-Religion Comes Into Its Own’ (2020)

Opinion: Satanic Display Shows Power Of The Bible | WVPE

Let us never, never, never forget what Big Government and its playmates did to us in the name of stopping COVID-19 from killing off the human race. Government gone wild is a bigger threat than any virus. 

They used the whole COVID melodrama as an experiment in global government. “Can we make everyone comply? Let’s find out!”

They want to be our gods.

The Pseudo-Religion Comes into Its Own

Trusting souls that we were, for a while there we actually thought Government was trying to protect us.

Let’s not make that mistake again!

And please be careful what you worship.

They Beheaded Their Teacher

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Where do you even begin, with some of this stuff?

Six French teenagers will go on trial this week for helping an older kid–who, they say, had become “radicalized” (ya think?)–ambush and murder one of their teachers (https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/six-teens-trial-paris-beheading-french-teacher-rcna126923). Then he cut off the teacher’s head. Then the cops shot him. And they rounded up these other kids who helped him carry out the murder: they’re being charged with criminal conspiracy.

Well, heck, the teacher taught a lesson about the infamous “Mohammed cartoons” that sparked some killings back in 2015. Those incidents should have been a tell: “Your immigration policies aren’t working, France.”

Anything like that ever happen when you were in school (I am so tempted to spell it “skool” from now on)? How many of your teachers got beheaded by a student? Heck, we didn’t even have any stabbings in my high school. But of course that was such a long time ago.

Well, it’s taken six years to bring this case to trial, and the young teens are now old teens or young adults; and the original killer was an import. Muslim, of course.

History teaches us that the only way you can have a country full of groups of people who violently hate each other… is if the central government is so powerful and so ruthless that the groups of subjects just can’t get any traction. Like the Roman Empire, for instance: mess with us and we’ll wipe you out without a second thought. And even then the Roman legions were kept busy putting down rebellions all over the fringes of the empire.

Yo, Europe–you shouldn’t’ve colonized all those Third World Countries. Now they are colonizing you! And people are getting killed because of it.

What are you going to do now?

They’re Grooming Us, Too

How Provocative Ads Work and 5 Examples of Spicy Campaigns

Please pardon the illustration: I’m trying to make a point.

We don’t watch commercial television, and I’m not about to start now. But friends who do watch it tell us we’re missing a lot of really gross commercials. Men smooching men, women smooching women, lots of leering, etc., etc.

Much has been written, and supported by more evidence than we’d really like to have, about Disney Corp. et al grooming children for sex. And I found myself thinking, “They’re not just grooming children. They’re trying to groom all the rest of us, too.”

I can’t get rid of this thought. Millions of people watch millions of hours of TV, absorbing a staggering amount of sexual messaging. If they didn’t think it was working, they wouldn’t be doing it. But of course they’ve been doing it for years and years: “Sex sells,” is an advertising truism.

The ancient lawgiver, Solon, greatly disliked the first play he saw put on in Athens. Asked why, he answered–to the effect, “All this sleazy stuff you put on stage is going to find its way into our daily business.” He was right about that then; but he’s even more on target now: more than he would ever have believed was possible.

We as a people really need to stop watching this stuff. It gets under an audience’s skin. It pollutes their culture. Need we say it has poured its toxins into our public education system?

I only pray that homeschooling will grow fast enough to save us.

All Our Presidents… Stunk on Toast?

The Monster in the White House: Gilhooly, Matt: 9781706796152: Amazon.com:  Books

I’ve just heard, on the car radio, Bill O’Reilly discussing a book that he and his staff are working on, to be released next year. The working title is “Confronting the Presidents”–in which every president will be “confronted.”

With what? I gather from what O’Reilly said that this’ll cover the presidents’ failings, sins, quirks, skeletons in the family closet–everything bad. Everything that makes you wonder how any of them ever could have wound up being president.

We don’t like to think we’re handing over the nuclear launch codes to criminals, idiots, or lunatics. And who in his right mind can argue that we’ve never had anybody really bad as president?

But all of them? They were all wastes of space?

(Proof that God’s divine providence holds us up when we ought to be face-down on the asphalt…)

What profit is there in this exercise? We hope our constitutional and legal safeguards will protect us from any Bad Guy who slithered into the White House. But is this the kind of history we really want? This kind of scrutiny? Never mind presidents–who, including our own selves, can come out smelling like a rose?

Classical historians, like Plutarch and Livy, thought we should read history to learn what good works to emulate and what evil works to avoid. I don’t think they’d agree that everyone whose life they studied and wrote about was a bad egg.

We need to think harder about what use we make of history.

‘Jesus Christ and the Beginnings of Christianity’ (R.J. Rushdoony)

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Let us not forget where the emphasis should lie.

Have historians–even historians who are also Christians–ever paid proper attention to the work of Jesus Christ in history?

In Chapter 7 of A Christian Survey of World History, R.J. Rushdoony felt compelled to answer that question “No” (https://chalcedon.edu/resources/articles/jesus-christ-and-the-beginnings-of-christianity). He rejects the ancient wishful thinking of “two kingdoms,” Christ’s and the world’s. Christ’s kingdom “is definitely for the world and over the world.” And Jesus Himself “had come not to unite good and evil, but to divide and destroy evil.”

Interestingly–I never noticed this before–hostile writings aimed at Jesus did not appear until many years after His death and resurrection. Why don’t we have rabbinical sermons or Roman decrees branding Him a fraud?

Because there were too many witnesses, at the time, who knew better.

This essay (or chapter) is kind of long; but it is illuminating.

We have a Savior and a King. We have no business looking for another.

‘Australia to Sieze and Vaccinate 24,000 Children’ (2021)

A long line of people on the street. All are wearing winter clothes and face masks.

We must never forget this. Never. And allow it never, never, never, never again.

It’s a truism that “the public has a very short memory.” That’s why wicked and insane rulers are able to do the same things to us over and over again.

Could we please not forget the lessons of The Great Pandemic?

Australia to Seize and Vaccinate 24,000 Children

Every instinct I have, as a historian and a political scientist, tells me that the lockdowns and the forced “vaccinations” and the world-wide panic were experimental probes toward setting up a global government. And I believe it would be a Satanic government.

We really must, must, must internalize, and also shout from the housetops, “We will not comply! We will not comply!”

And mean it.

‘Tomorrow’s Antifa Riot Schedule’ (2017)

PHOTO: Rose City Antifa members under pseudonyms "Milo" and "Ace."

How come they don’t riot at Biden?

How come there are no Antifa riots when a Democrat is posing as president?

You don’t really need anyone else to answer that for you.

Tomorrow’s Antifa Riot Schedule

It used to be The Homeless vanished from the nooze whenever Democrats were in the White House, to re-appear, magically, whenever a Republican was elected. They can’t do that anymore because there are just too many of ’em in every city governed by Democrats.

The Antifa brownshirts are the property of the Democrat Party. They’ll be back to rioting the moment we have Donald Trump back in office.

Third World Politics, Inc.–visit our branch office in Washington D.C.!