Mad Scientists and Human-Animal Hybrids

Over at the University of Minnesota, scientists–are we sure we know what a “scientist” is, anymore?–are growing human organs inside animals and creating bizarre whatsits that could not survive in nature ( ), Technology Review has reported.

Says one of the honchos on the project, Dr. Daniel Garry: “We can make an animal without a heart. We have engineered pigs that lack skeletal muscles and blood vessels.”

Way to go, doc. That’ll show all those people who said you were mad.

They’re also playing with human brain tissue in animals. In mice and rats. Gee, how badly does the world need mice and rats with human brains?

There doesn’t seem to be much supervision over this. But hey, they’re scientists, they don’t need any supervision.

Supposedly this research will lead to all sorts of medical breakthroughs. Yowsah. It’s part of the humanist utopia that our ruling class has promised to us. We’re gonna live 500 years. Nah, we’re gonna live forever. And we’re gonna have sex with really cool robots that can see in 3-D.

I am pretty sure God doesn’t like this. Not one little bit.

But don’t worry about a thing, because we are, like, totally in control and not one thing can go wrong.

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things.

4 comments on “Mad Scientists and Human-Animal Hybrids

  1. So many old sci-fi/horror movies were about science gone wrong; and the Jurassic Park movies are about the same thing. But it’s like people suddenly become incredulous about movies. “It’s not real life! It could never happen! Science is god, and scientists are inerrant!”

    1. I mean they will take in all amounts of wrong thinking from a movie and apply it to life, except in cases where science fails.

    2. Wait till you examine how science fiction gets blended with popularized science until it becomes really tricky to tell them apart.

      Everyone should read the Climategate emails. Unfortunately, the big nooze media succeeded in suppressing that story.

      Threatening to get somebody’s daughter kicked out of college unless he signs onto Global Warming… well, that’s one way to get a consensus.

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