Hello, Anybody Out There?

Where is everybody today? No hymns requested, no funny comments–I hope you’re all okay. Gee, that sounds like it could turn into a poem. Don’t sorry, I won’t let it. If I start spouting poetry, there won’t be anybody here at all.

We have our first little bit of snow tonight, and it’s beautiful. When Patty wakes up, we’ll watch some Hercule Poirot. And tomorrow, back to work. Hi-ho, hi-ho.

5 comments on “Hello, Anybody Out There?

  1. Sorry! Playing with my brand new writing toy today (Scivener) and not paying attention to much else. I’ll catch up tomorrow though. 🙂 I’ll be back to work again too.

  2. I bet most of us are still sitting in the bushes watching…lol
    However – if you are watching Hercule Poirot – I can share a fun experience I had about 20 years back when I got cast in a local theatre production of “Murder on the Nile” and played Cannon Ambrose Pennyfather – the sleuth in the stage version of the story. Our little theatre group seldom had full turnout for any dramas, but we had all 5 performances sold out and had extra seats added on the bottom row of our venue – which was built somewhat like a “Theater in the Round” – and had only a small space in the back of the stage that was “backstage”. We had audience on over 180 degrees of us, and when sold out, they put extra seats on the bottom row – which was also the stage… so having the audience that close was a bit of a challenge for me – as my way of dealing with having many people watching me was to try to pretend they were not there, or at least out of sight.
    It was a fun, challenging and memorable experience to say the least – and I encourage any who might be thinking of being part of a small theatre group to join up.. whether you work backstage or “tread the boards” as they say – its a fun thing to do.

    1. You bet! Everybody ought to take a crack at little theater sometime. I was in “The Taming of the Shrew,” and “George Washington Slept Here.” In the latter, I was in charge of the thunder… which somebody stumbled into, backstage, and jerked the show several scenes ahead.

  3. I agree. I’ve done parts in church productions that were more than a Christmas pageant. I’ve enjoyed acting. I also enjoy reading Shakespeare. It’s tough going but I enjoy stepping back in time, so to speak, and orally reading (which is how I read plays and poems — not loudly but more to myself). Thank you, Lee, for sending the book. I got it and am planning to start reading it myself before I give it to my granddaughter. I’ve been sick over Christmas with an extended cold and I’m just now starting to feel my self again. Thanks again for the book! Have a blessed day with all the snow and Hercule Poirot. Love Dame Agatha! She knew how to write ’em.

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