Lee and his Stopid Catt

Boy that lee is stopid, he going al aruound today tryin to buy a inhaler face mask for his catt what has asma. Can yiu imaggion goin to al that troubble for a catt?? OK Lenin had a catt and Lenin was a truely grate man! but if his catt had asma he wuld have just shott her.

Meenwile i got some goood news! yuo remmembre them moth antenners that growed on my fourhed? wel I has disscovert i can wigle my feeelers! My prefesser he sayes this hear is trembendous pogress and i wil get Extre credit for it! I “knew” somthin “like this wuld hapen he sayed” and al becose they been shootin me up whith them Moth hormoans.

So, anyway, meenwile that dumbo lee stil tryin to by that inhaler thing for his catt and thats becose he istnt a interllectural and he dont know enuogh jist to forgit abuot the stopid cat, this is watt hapens to yiu when you dont be goin to Collidge, he sayes he can fixx the old maks with duck tape for the time bein wich is jist watt yiu wuld except some dopy guy to say. He jist wastin his time wehn he shuld oughjt to be in collidge larning how to be smart!

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  1. Well, Joe Collidge, if I had an inhaler for Lee’s cat, I would send it to him. Cats are one of God’s wonderful creations and I’m a cat lover too. Now that you can move your antenners around, maybe you should move them out of the way so you could put your thinking cap on.

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