‘Eternal Father, Strong to Save’

Let’s close out this day with Eternal Father, Strong to Save–not only the hymn of the United States Navy, but of all those, everywhere, who go down to the sea in ships.

I’ve never been to see, but my father was a Navy man. He never spoke of what it was really like to be on a fragile little ammunition supply ship on the vast ocean, with Japanese submarines on the loose. But I loved to look at the pictures he brought home.

The sea is hard, the sea is cruel. No man can tame it. But the sea does have a master: the Lord of Hosts, who created it and established its boundaries, who raises storms and quiets them: who says to the great waters, “Peace, be still.”

Praise Him, praise Him, all that draw breath.

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  1. I’ve always loved this hymn. Kind of surprising it’s still The Navy Hymn, what with Christianity being frowned on and this song not being at all inclusive of other religions; but just the other day I looked it up, and on the official Navy website it says it is the official Navy Hymn.

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