My Answer (Part 2)

What I’m hearing from many people is despair. They think the country is past saving: the Left has won, it’ll be all downhill from now on. Unless God personally intervenes.

Certainly the prospect is a daunting one. Thanks to the long negligence of the church (the legacy of Cyrus Scofield and his adherents, who fostered the notion of “Don’t bother, the Rapture’s coming soon”), the de-Christianization of America has had over 100 years to grow very, very high, put out countless branches, and put down exceedingly deep roots.

Personally, I had a sense that when the Supreme Court forced “gay marriage” upon our culture last year, we crossed a line that won’t be easy to cross back. I felt–not reasoned–that we’d burned our bridges.

Now this development would not have been possible without the contribution of the public schools and our fat, overgrown university system. We bear the children and the Left gets to train them. And train them they do.

It’s true that Christians in America don’t have to put up with anything like the lethal persecution suffered by Christians in many countries. Here, all they do is mock us incessantly, turn our children against us, destroy us if we decline to take an active part in a “gay wedding,” and make us pay for other people’s abortions. But few Christians I talk to think it’ll stop there.

Nevertheless, regardless of eschatology, I believe God wants us to try, at least, to turn our country off this evil course. And getting Christian children out of the public schools is the most necessary first step.

It also doesn’t help, that we send our young people to “colleges” swollen to several orders of magnitude beyond their natural capacity, there to learn how to be self-righteous, thin-skinned, ignorant and useless Social Justice Warriors, with inane degrees in This-studies and That-studies, thoroughly indoctrinated by professors who are passionately committed to transforming America into a vast prison camp with themselves as the jailers.

If we can’t get back some degree of control over the education of our children, anything we might attempt politically will be in vain.

Even so, I very much doubt that a President McCain or a President Romney would have publicly described abortion as “how young girls achieve their dreams.” Or sued a state for enforcing the country’s immigration laws. Or urged state attorneys general not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

Winning over independents–that’s not so hard. Romney won the independent vote, big-time, but still lost the election. Winning over “other Republicans”–that, too, should be possible especially when the Democrat alternative is known and widely loathed.

So, yes, I’ve devoted a lot of time and effort to politics, without much to show for it.

But the Left didn’t achieve all its victories overnight, nor did they achieve any of them with anything like majority support. The spiritual and cultural havoc they have wreaked on America is testimony to what a determined minority can do when they really put their minds to it.

We must learn to do the same.


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  1. Excellent. With respect to the so-called professors (they do profess – whatever their ideology is), do they really believe that their current lofty positions are secure? Can they not see beyond their noses? As soon as they have accomplished the goals of the elitists, they will be fodder, just like the rest of us. That same consequence will be realized by all sectors – religious, law enforcement, education, media, even governmental underlings.

    It’s no surprise that ‘they’ want to train and control our children. Hil-liar-y told us as much when Bill was president with her infamous line “It takes a village . . .”

    Nimrod began this whole process in Babylon. God did not allow it. We still haven’t caught on. The churches must stand up and be counted instead of advising their congregants to go along to get along, or preach a prosperity gospel. The churches have not heeded Christ’s warning to the Church of Laodicea. Lukewarm they remain. Some are so far from Jesus that they are actually pagan.

    The problems are as complex as they are deep-seated. It will take monumental effort and the Hand of God to turn this around.

    However, I, too, believe that we, as a nation, crossed a line last year when the Supreme Court rendered its opinion on gay marriage. When God judges a nation, it is never, never a ‘prosperity gospel’ experience.

    The most critical thing this nation must do – and I do mean the nation – is to repent, cry out to God for forgiveness, and ask Him – no, beg Him – to heal our land.

  2. I think Christians need to stop trying to forecast the end of the world and make the ongoing effort to live Christian lives. Let’s not simply give lip service to our faith once a week at Church, but let’s live our faith out each day.

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