A Puzzling Parable: The Crooked Steward

In Luke 16 Our Lord tells an audience of Pharisees a rather difficult parable. I’ve read it many times and am still trying to understand it.

In this parable, a rich man finds out that his steward has been cheating him, so he tells the steward to prepare an accounting and then get lost. Faced with the loss of his position, the steward solves his problem by cheating his master yet again. He tells the master’s debtors to finagle their accounts so that they save a lot of money and the master gets rooked again. That makes these persons beholding to the steward so that, when he gets kicked out of his master’s house, they will take him in.

And yet, when the master finds out about this last bit of skullduggery, he commends the crooked steward for having done wisely…

Okay, I’m lost.

So I’m going to study this parable this morning. I now have books about the parables, by Chenevix Trench (19th century) and John MacArthur (modern), and there’s Matthew Henry (Puritan) on the Internet.

Some of Jesus’ parables were simple. Others were very hard, and He had to explain them to His disciples afterward.

I agree with MacArthur that Jesus often wished His hearers to inquire further into the meaning of a parable–which is just what I’m gonna do today.

I’ll be back later.

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