‘The Thunder King’: Rescued!

I guarantee you won’t be able to sell many fantasy/adventure novels if they’re packaged as books on “Labor & Industrial Relations.” Such has been the fate of the paperback edition of my fantasy novel, The Thunder King, on amazon.com.

How this could have happened is beyond anyone’s power to explain.

But thanks to the two amazon.com reps who helped me this morning, I am overjoyed to report that this problem will soon be taken care of. Sometime next week, The Thunder King, No. 3 in the series, will be categorized as “fiction, science fiction and fantasy, Christian fiction” along with the other seven in my Bell Mountain series.

“I don’t see how you could have sold many copies of this book as ‘Labor & Industrial Relations,'” said the rep at amazon’s Author Central. I think that must be the understatement of the year.

I could tell this error was hurting my sales. With all the other books, the numbers go up and down. But for The Thunder King the numbers never, never changed. It never bettered the rank of 3 million-and-change. Ugh!

Anyway, now it’s going to be fixed, and I pray I finally sell some copies.

6 comments on “‘The Thunder King’: Rescued!

  1. Praise God! He wants this story told. Children and adults will all appreciate this series and I, for one, am hooked already, having just finished ‘Bell Mountain’.

  2. This may be far-fetched, but the thought occurs to me as I see the cover in person. Could it be that whomever categorized this book merely looked at the cover rather than read the overview? Maybe they thought the castle was a factory and Jack was a worker? Nah – probably not.

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