My Interview (Maybe)

If this link works, you’ll be able to listen to my interview with Grant Warren on By the Fireplace.

If it doesn’t–well, I never said I know what I’m doing when it comes to computers.

Maybe I’ll let my cats try it.

P.S.–How do you like that? It worked!

8 comments on “My Interview (Maybe)

  1. The link works, Lee. I just checked. In fact, I’m downloading it this time. I enjoyed it last night so I thought I’d save it. Hope anyone who missed it will take time to listen.

  2. I thought your interview was great, by the way. And your voice was just fine. No offense I hope, but you have a sweet grandpa kind of voice 🙂 Hope you got a little boost in sales from it. I picked up the third book and will hopefully get a chance to start it soon. I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks.

    1. I do wish people would stop saying that–me having the voice of an aged man. I’ve been hearing that since I was 30!

      I was once on the phone with an operator, trying to get something straightened out, and she had to pass me on to a superior. “I’ve got an elderly gentleman here–” she said.

      “I wasn’t elderly when this conversation started!” I cried.


    2. Sorry! I can see how that would be irritating. The only thing worse is being referred to as the wrong gender by phone operators. Had a friend who encountered that frequently and it really got to her.

    3. You have a kindly voice, Lee, which is why Obst came to mind – has nothing to do with our ages. And anyway, next week, I’ll be 68 years old and although my body and my mirror betray me, my spirit feels much younger. 🙂

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