Reading My Own Books

Come spring, and nice weather, I hope to be sitting outside again, writing a new book. I have to wait until God gives me the germ of something to work with–a scene, a new character, a piece of story-line–but in the meantime, I want to make ready for it when it comes.

So I re-read, in order, all the earlier books in my Bell Mountain series. There being eight of them in print so far, it’s going to take me a while. I’m about halfway through No. 3, The Thunder King.

Now, what kind of nut sits there reading his own books? The kind who has a series to write and doesn’t want to contradict anything he said in the previous books. And really, at least for me, it’s just so easy to forget!

This blog was created to drum up interest in my books, and hopefully inspire folks to read them. That’s another thing that’s easy for me to forget. And, with a shock, I remember it and then I have to do something about it.

Obviously I can’t sit here reviewing my own books, “I give myself five stars for this one!”–but I think I can at least say that reading them is a pleasurable experience. I often find myself wondering, “Did I write that?”

And the answer is, To God be the glory–because I ask Him to give me these stories, and He does, along with the ability and the passion to write them. I had to work hard to acquire such skills as I have–but the whole thing is God’s gift. I am a steward of the resources which He has assigned to me–in this case, the ability to write well, and the desire to write: I find it hard to stop, and if I were prevented from doing it, it would go hard with me–and it’s my job to put them to work for Him.

It’s a little cold this morning, but at least the sun is out. Let me get myself some exercise, and then it’s back to The Thunder King.

3 comments on “Reading My Own Books

  1. Before long, I’m sure God will give you the story, Lee, for He is faithful and has gifted you with the ability to write. Your books draw people to Him – of all ages – and, after all, that is a blessed calling.

    Here’s another hymn request: ‘Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior’

  2. I read stuff I’ve written all the time! Sometimes I give myself 5 stars, sometimes, sadly, I have to admit that I’ve written a 3 or 2 star piece.
    I love it when I go back to something I wrote and am knocked over by how good it is; I feel like I’m reading it with fairly objective eyes, as a reader not an author, and it makes me feel as though I actually am a pretty good writer 😀

  3. You’re not a nut–I do the same thing. It is way too easy to lose track of details over time. I’ll be going over all mine again before I start book 3. And getting all those details into Scrivener so I can refer back as needed. All part of the process…:)

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