By Request, ‘Heaven’s Joy Awaits’

Happy Birthday to Erlene, who has requested this–Heaven’s Joy Awaits, performed by the Gaithers and friends.

I am back from the doctor. I will have to take medication for my blood pressure, which is dangerously high–but other than that, I seem to be in good shape. I have to be careful because high blood pressure runs in my family, with the male side given to short life spans. But I will be here for as long as God wants me to be–not a minute less, not a minute more.

Stonewall Jackson was once asked how he could be so brave in battle. He said he was as safe on the battlefield as he was at home in bed, because his life was in God’s hands.

There are a lot of medical issues floating around in my family–but then that’s probably true for every family.

Time to put away fear and get on with things. Let God be God, the sovereign Lord of all.

2 comments on “By Request, ‘Heaven’s Joy Awaits’

  1. Happy Birthday, Erlene! Great choice!

    Lee, please take care of yourself. All in all, though, Our God has us in the palm of His hand, for which I am ever thankful.

  2. Thank you, Lee for the song, and for your report. I know high BP is a tricky thing to manage sometimes, but it can be done, and there are natural remedies that can help, too. It is very good that there were no other issues to deal with; we can thank God for that. Prayers for you will continue.

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