Cheap Liberal Philanthropy

Expect to see a lot more of this, if the $15 per hour minimum wage goes through.

One more news story and that’s it for the day. My blood pressure can’t stand more than that.

Liberal politicians and quasi-Marxist unions in my home state of New Jersey are pushing for legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour–almost twice the current rate, $8.38–as part of a campaign to raise it to $15 in all 50 states ( ).

This is a classic example of good works as practiced by hypocrites: works that wind up doing no one any good at all, and which someone else has got to pay for. No charity ever comes out of a liberal’s own pocket.

Just as Obamacare magically transformed countless full-time jobs into part-time jobs, the $15 minimum wage will transform countless lower-paying jobs into no jobs at all–for the simple reason that employers won’t be able to hire minimum wage employees without raising the cost of their product to a level which the market won’t bear. Unless you think people will be lining up around the block to pay $30 for a pizza.

But hey, why stop at $15? As long as you’re giving away other people’s money, why not make it $30? Or $50?

Oh–and it goes without saying that, if you double the minimum wage, employees who are already making $15 an hour are going to want their wages doubled, too. Government by fools and hypocrites–hot dog!

But enough of this. I’m ready for another cat video.

2 comments on “Cheap Liberal Philanthropy

    1. Raise the minimum wage, and watch the jobs disappear.

      Now, no one can be so stupid as not to know that that will happen, so they must be wanting it to happen.


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