More Funny Cats–Hooray!

Once again we turn to our cats for a dose of sanity.

This red cat in the sink reminds me of our cat, Buster–who once managed to turn a pair of my wife’s panties into a kind of toga, and then posted himself in the living room window for everyone to see.

I must admit he never balanced a Q-tip on his nose, though.

9 comments on “More Funny Cats–Hooray!

  1. These are priceless. We had a cat that would go to sleep on the couch, and one of our sons would take a rubber aligator with its mouth open, place the cat’s tail in the open mouth, then wake him up. It was amazing to see how fast that lazy old cat could move.

  2. Love these kitty videos! They’re such a bright spot in these insanity-filled days. Thank you, Lee.

    Two of our cats, Alvin and Simon, would play a game using my daughter’s pencil. Alvin would steal the pencil and he and Simon would play ‘roll the pencil and keep it away from Tammy’. It really was cute watching them ‘play catch’. Alvin was so attached to my daughter that at night he would climb to the top of her pillow and sleep on her head! She may have been the only person in nursing school with a cat for a nurse’s cap. 🙂

    1. Theodore didn’t appreciate he game. He was too busy begging me for corn on the cob – one of his favorites! 🙂

    2. Funny the things cats seem to like. My Andy loved cheese and Amos loved scrambled eggs. The most fun was watching the ones who liked peanut butter 🙂

    3. Henry didn’t care about mice–but oh, boy, did he want to get at the baby fence lizards! He wasn’t allowed to, of course. So he sat by the turtle’s tank, and the turtle kept paddling around, wanting Henry to feed him. Which he never did.

    4. Odd, too, that my cats never bothered my parrot. They sometimes watched him in fascination, especially when he decided nest-building by shredding paper towels in a huge cardboard box was a good idea. I sometimes wonder what they thought he was doing.

      When my girls were very small we had a tropical fish tank. Tammy, who was about 2 years old at the time, and by far my ‘busiest’ child, used to feed pretzels and hotdogs to the fish.

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