An Amazing Historical Surprise

Betcha didn’t know the youngest son of Benito Mussolini–yes, that Mussolini!–had a long and successful career as an internationally-recognized jazz pianist and jazz trio leader. And here’s a bit of his music to prove it.

One critic joshed that Romano Mussolini, as musician, “made the refrains run on time.”

One of the dictator’s granddaughters is a big wheel in Italian politics and has served in the European Parliament.

I find this kind of hard to take in. How about you?

5 comments on “An Amazing Historical Surprise

  1. Actually, I must say nothing, but nothing surprises me any more. I had a friend whose aunt Joan was married to Joe Ferrari, brother of the Ferrari
    car makers. The things he told us about his native country were mind boggling. If I had taken notes, I could write a book. Oh, well, who would care. haha

  2. Truth is stranger than fiction, they say. This appears to be proof. Yes it is a bit hard to take in. But I must admit, he’s quite good – easy listening jazz, like George Benson. It’s just after 2 am. so it’s not a bad way to shut things down for the night.

    1. I’ve never required a lot of sleep. As I get older, though, I feel it a bit more. 🙂

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