Back From the Doctor’s

The good news, I guess, is that a lot of people my age are already dead. You could look it up (as Casey Stengel used to say).

The bad news is that my high blood pressure has in some inscrutable way done harm to my innards and I gotta go back to the doctor on Wednesday to find out more about it and get another prescription.

The nurse practitioner tells me most of my problem is age-related or genetic, and that otherwise I am a reasonably healthy specimen. If she had told me I had to give up my daily cigar, I think I would have fainted.

I hate medical stuff.

May the Lord give me whatever I need to deal with this–starting with trust in Him.

7 comments on “Back From the Doctor’s

    1. That, and the nice weather coming so you can ride your bike – hopefully using two hands! 🙂

  1. Seriously, we have to acknowledge that these are “times that try mens’ souls”. There is no denying it. Never have we, in our lifetimes, needed faith in God so much. There have been extremely stressful times around the world in various eras, but for us, this is it.
    I dislike medical visits very much also. I seldom visit a clinic, but several years ago, discovered on my own that I had low thyroid, and on that occasion, visited a clinic, had blood draw and my belief was confirmed, so now I visit a doc whenever it is time for a new test and RX written.
    Otherwise, I pray, have friends pray in agreement, and so far, it is standing me in good stead. My hope for you is that you will be fine, standing in faith on Scripture as we pray in agreement with you for your good health. I don’t put a lot of faith in the medical establishment, although undoubedly, doctors do a lot of good in some circumstances. Our God ALWAYS does us good always.

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