You Can’t Make Up This Stuff

Three persons were injured recently in a Pakistani courtroom when a police constable, when asked how a grenade work, opted to forego a verbal explanation and instead pulled the pin, blowing up the courtroom ( ). Ka-boom.

He’s in a spot of trouble over that–provided he survives his injuries.

Gee, I thought we Americans had a lock on this rare high level of stupidity. There is no evidence that this constable ever attended an American public school or university. He might’ve played American-made video games, though. It’s worth investigating.

So, the next time anyone asks you, “Do you know how a grenade works?”, please don’t say, “Yeah, sure, just watch this”–and pull the pin.

3 comments on “You Can’t Make Up This Stuff

  1. I know it’s hard to believe, but these guys are way ahead of us in “stupid”
    in fact they are stuck in the 6th century- before grenades or anything.

  2. Lets not forget that these people have nukes! If it wasn’t so sad for the injured people, I’d say it sounds like an Eddie Murphy or Bill Murray comedy.

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