By Request, ‘The Lighthouse’

Caught up on my hymn requests today–here’s The Lighthouse, for Erlene.

I do like the comparison of Jesus Christ Our Lord to a lighthouse. I also like the use of the harmonica in this rendition. You all should hear me play Hyfrydol on my uncle’s old Marine Band harmonica–but my grasp of the applicable technology is much to feeble to make that come to pass.

2 comments on “By Request, ‘The Lighthouse’

  1. Country music nearly always tells a story, and this one gets to the heart of it. Thank you, Lee, and Erlene.

    As for your harmonica playing, Lee, I sure hope someone can help figure out how you could grace us by posting it. That would be fun!

  2. Thank you very much. This song really ministers to me. Brings tears every time I hear it.

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