Oops! We Have a Different Winner

We thought Mike won our current comment contest, posting Comment No. 6,000 on this site. But Mike tells me he’s already won once. I don’t remember that, but who trusts my memory anymore?

So the prize, the free book, goes to the reader who posted No. 6,001, and that would be Erlene. Which means, Erlene, you ought to tell me which book you’d like, and let me have your mailing address. I think I remember you saying, once upon a time, that you don’t read fantasy–but then we’ve already dismissed my memory as a witness. Try it, you might like it. My wife hates fantasy but she loves my fantasy novels.

Somewhere there’s got to be a comedy clip of some poor devil trying to give away a prize that no one seems to want…

4 comments on “Oops! We Have a Different Winner

  1. Oh, wow!!! I will be delighted to have it. My mailing address is P O Box 214, Plummer, Id. 83851, and I would like to receive the first in the series
    if that is OK? THANK YOU.

  2. I will, indeed. Thank you so much. I have an eleven year old grandson who will also be delighted!

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