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Byron’s Brainstorm

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No, mates, no–not that blighter Lord Byron! Byron the Quokka–that’s me.

And I’ve finally had an idea that Lee thought was over-the-moon brilliant, in fact he wanted to snatch me up and kiss me and I just barely got away… Right! The prize for winning the latest comment contest–which has already started, sort of–for posting the magic milestone Comment No. 50,000 on this blog–the prize will be–

Crikey, he won’t let me say what it is! “Spectacular idea, Byron, truly spectacular–but let’s not unveil it until after we’ve passed No. 49,000. Once they see what it is, they’ll race to 50,000.” I’ve got to admit there’s a certain crepuscularity to his reasoning.

No, the prize won’t be that cool green car in the background. I’m not bloomin’ crazy. He won’t let me give out a bicycle, no sense in even asking him about a car.

But this prize that I thought of today–oh, ho, ho!

(“Can’t I give ’em just a hint?”)

(“No, you can’t. If you give away the secret before I say okay, you’re out of a job, mate.”)

I’d better hop out of here before I say something I’ll regret.

See you tomorrow with Bell Mountain Trivia No. 11!

Crikey, We Have a Winner!

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This is Byron jumping into a puddle to celebrate the successful conclusion of the first comment contest administered by a quokka.

The White Rabbit has posted Comment No. 47,000, so, my friend, you win an autographed copy of one of my books. I’m out of Bell Mountain, but all the others are available. Send me your mailing address and tell me which book you’d like to receive.

And now a word from Byron.

“This bloomin’ contest would’ve been won a lot sooner if someone would let me give a bicycle for the prize. I hope we come up with something flippin’ impressive for the next one. After all, that’ll be 50 thousand comments!”

Everybody, thanks for playing, thanks for making it fun.

Now I can start commenting again without having to risk messing up my contest.

Will We Have a Winner Today?

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here; and as you can see, Mum and my little sister Maggie have gone to town, where the quokkas are assembling to see who’s going to win this comment contest. Only 28 comments left to go!

I am sure you have noticed those nice bicycles on the background. Humans just leave them standing around untended, they obviously don’t want them. They’d make a nice prize in a comment contest… just sayin’.

This is Maggie’s first comment contest, and she’s too excited to speak. But even the most experienced quokkas get all pumped up for this.

And tomorrow, the next question in the Bell Mountain Trivia Contest. I promise! But today all eyes are in the comment contest, and within an hour or so the whole street’ll be crowded with quokkas waiting to see who wins.

Comment Contest: Only 59 to Go

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G’day, mates! Byron the Quokka here, trying to get this blog going while Lee sits in traffic–

Big news about the comment contest: only 59 to go! That’s right, 59 more comments pushes us up to 47,000, and whoever posts No. 47,000 wins an autographed copy of one of Lee’s books, he’s too cheap to offer a bicycle.

Have I mentioned the rules? Anyone can play, and all comments are eligible except for the following: comments abusive to anyone else on this site; comments containing profanity or blasphemy; ads disguised as comments, like we couldn’t see through that; and comments just too ridiculous for words. Other than that, anything goes.

(By cracky, that man has a positive gift for getting stuck in traffic. You never see that happen here on Rottnest Island.)

Comment Contest: 163 to Go

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G’day, mates! Byron the Quokka here, and my comment contest is plodding along like a wombat hitched to a cartful of bricks–what ever made me think I could do this job???

The goal is 47,000, with 163 left to go. The winner gets an autographed copy of one of Lee’s Bell Mountain books. If you win that, and the Bell Mountain Trivia Contest, you’ll become the proud owner of a ship! The good ship Tar Princess is waiting for you. All you’ll have to do is drag it off the sandbank and touch it up with a lick of paint.

Here in Oz it’s the middle of winter, although up here on Rottnest Island, it don’t get too cold. Most of us quokkas would love a chance to frolic in the snow, but fair dunkum fat chance of that!

Would you believe it–only 12 comments today? Crikey, I should’ve kept me mouth shut when they were lookin’ for volunteers to run this caper.

It’d all be so different if he’d just let me hand out a bicycle to the winner!

Comment Contest News (via Quokka)

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G’day! Byron doesn’t know it, but we’re tryin’ to help him run this comment contest. I am his Aunt Gladys and this is his Cousin Mitchell. And there are still 280 comments to go, to reach 47,000 and have a winner.

Byron thinks he’s doing it all by himself, but we must have half the quokkas on Rottnest Island lending a hand in this. We are determined to prove that cuteness is no obstacle to being ruthlessly effective in a job.

I don’t know about that nasty old ship Byron has up for a prize, but I do know the winner will get an autographed copy of one of Lee’s Bell Mountain books. Mitchell has them all and has read the whole series at least half a dozen times. You should hear his Roshay Bault imitation!

Let’s see if we can wrap up this contest this weekend, shall we? Then Byron can concentrate on the Bell Mountain Trivia Contest. We all think he has to come up with harder questions than the ones he’s asked so far.

Win a Ship!

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Psst! Byron the Quokka here, and let’s whisper, shall we, because we don’t want Lee to overhear us.

I’ve figured out how to wake this blog up, good and proper.

If anyone out there is bouncy enough to win both the comment contest and the Bell Mountain Trivia Contest–well, then, crikey, mate! You’ll win a ship!

Image result for images of rusty old ship

All right, I admit the Tar Princess needs a bit of tender loving care, she’s sort of a fixer-upper. But yea and forsooth–it’s a ship! And the Tar Princess, well, she’s just been sitting there for years, whoever owns her doesn’t want her anymore.

C’mon, now! How many blokes and sheilas on your block own a ship???

So let’s start commenting, let’s get into a Bell Mountain state of mind, whatever that is–and let’s get this blog here humming again!

One of *Those Days

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For a change, today is neither boiling hot nor battered by torrential rains and explosive thunderstorms. So I went out and wrote half a dozen pages of The Wind From Heaven, and then decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by going for a bike ride.

So much for that. Flat tire. Had to walk the bike home a mile in the blazing sun. Totally shot, can’t pump it back up, have to take it to the shop and get a new tire, ka-ching, ka-ching…

“See, Byron? This is why I can’t offer a bike as the prize in a comment contest. Bicycles are false friends. They never pass up and opportunity to do you wrong.”

Oh, yeesh, am I hot! Just pouring sweat in buckets. I want to go home. (“Dude, you are home!”) Where’s the Reset button on this day?

I wonder if it’s safe to use my car…

Sloooooowwww Comment Contest

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G’day, Byron the Quokka here! And feeling like a right lemon, with only 11 comments made today, and 409 to go in the comment contest–which I’m supposed to be running better than Lee could do, but look at me!

I’ve told him and told him, time and again, he’s got to sweeten the prize. I had a perfectly good bicycle that could’ve been the prize, but he wouldn’t hear of it–said it wasn’t our bike to give away. He’s got this thing about giving out autographed books as prizes.

Well, crikey! How about one o’ them helmets that makes your wishes come true? That would be a prize worth winning! Although I’ve heard of a spotted quoll who got hold of one of those, and didn’t take it as serious as he should’ve, and wound up wishing himself into a pair of kangaroo ears.

But no, we’re stuck with the bloomin’ books. And people are starting to wonder about me as a contest administrator. Coo! but it’s a thankless job!

Comment Contest Update

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You can see how tired Byron looks, after staying up late two nights in a row to manage the comment contest.

We’re shooting for 47,000 comments and need just 515 more to get there.

And now for a special announcement. Some of you have suggested that the winner’s prize ought to be a nice glossy photo of Byron the Quokka, autographed with a paw print.

I think I may have found a way to do that; but it’s complicated–so complicated, that I think I’d better save it for the comment contest leading up to the major milestone, Comment No. 50,000. I’m not promising anything–just sayin’ I might be able to do this.

But for goodness’ sake, don’t tell Byron. He has enough on his plate just now.

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