Endangered Species: Free Speech


So explain how this float in a German parade doesn’t violate the German law against making fun of a foreign head of state…I mean, it looks like he’s trying to artificially inseminate a camel…

Yesterday it was Bill Nye the Science Guy wanting to put people in jail for not believing in Global Warming.

Today, look at Germany, where head honcho Angela Merkel continues her quest to appease the Death to the Infidels wing of Islam by authorizing the prosecution of a German TV comedian who made fun of Turkish President Biff (or whatever his name is: who cares?) Erdogan ( http://dailycaller.com/2016/04/15/germans-to-prosecute-comedian-for-doing-comedy-in-germany/ ).

Would you believe it? Way back in 1871, under good ol’ Kaiser Wilhelm, Germany enacted a law making it a criminal offense to disparage or make fun of a foreign head of state. They gave up the spiked helmets, but kept that.

You may have noticed that nobody in Germany ever got thrown in the clink for making fun of George W. Bush. They have a lot of laughs at Obama’s expense, too–big time.

Maybe the difference is that Erdogan complained about it and the American presidents didn’t. Probably Obama never knew about that German law, or else he would’ve said something about the way they depict him in parades.

Why would a Western leader bend over backwards to coddle a Third World dictator?

Because all the leaders of the West are Third World dictator wannabes.

So, everybody–enjoy your free speech while you’ve got it. They don’t mean for you to have it much longer.

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  1. Yeah, things are getting pathetic. Yesterday, and for a couple days earlier, when I tried to open newswithview in my inbox, a warning came up that there was dangerous content and I should not open. I dismissed and opened anyway, but the next day, NWV was not in my inbox as usual, and I had to go to the website via search. I re-subscribed, so now I will see what happens next. Looks like “somebody” does not agree with nwv content. hmmmm

    1. Dangerous, eh? As dangerous as, say, Bill Nye?

      Suddenly there are an awful lot of people trying to stick a dagger into our republic.

    2. You know, it just occurs to me that maybe someone is hacking NWV from the outside. The other day I got an email from a reader who had a problem similar to yours and was hoping I could get someone at NWV to help him.

      I used to write for another website that got hacked from the outside–almost put them out of business.

  2. You’re right on all counts, Lee, and Obama could be well on his way to becoming dictator-in-chief. I fear he may not leave office. In fact, he has already put most of our Constitution in the circular file. He goes around Congress with his pen, gets the Supremes to legislate from the bench, and on and on it goes. The other day I heard a report that he plans to visit Japan as the latest stop in his apology tour (for bombing their cities).

    Free speech is gasping its last breath. Freedom in these United States is in death throes.

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