By Request, ‘All That Thrills My Soul’

No reason why we can’t have two hymns today, especially when I’ve already got another one on tap for tomorrow morning. So, by request, here’s one from 1931–All That Thrills My Soul Is Jesus.

For those whose hymnal is devoted to Dylan, Springsteen, Tupac, and Beyonce–I think you need to look elsewhere.

We look to Christ, not rock stars.

2 comments on “By Request, ‘All That Thrills My Soul’

  1. Beautiful. Thank you, Lee. It’s always a good time for a hymn. Praise has no time constraints. And this insane world would do well to join in.

  2. Thank you, Linda and Lee. I had not heard this old song for years, but when it began to play, I found I had almost every word still in memory.
    A great blessing.

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