By Request, ‘In the Presence of Jehovah’

Before examining the fallen world news of the day, let’s have a hymn–In the Presence of Jehovah.

I know people who fly a lot get bored with looking at the tops of clouds, as in this video. But I never flew enough to get over the wonder. “Wow, I’m looking at the tops of clouds!” The fact that the tops were very much like the bottoms really never fazed me.

I love God’s handiwork, clouds and all.

P.S.–My stats page tells me these hymns are very popular; but requesting a hymn hasn’t yet caught on. Yo, it’s open to one and all, day and night! Don’t leave it up to the few of us who actually request the hymns. All you gotta do is ask..

4 comments on “By Request, ‘In the Presence of Jehovah’

  1. Wow! How beautiful! This is one I hadn’t heard before and it sure brings peace to the soul. Thank you, Lee.

    Here’s one for the list: ‘All That Thrills My Soul’

    Once when I was flying into Miami the weather was beautiful but there were clouds – big puffy white clouds – with heat lightning dancing straight across between them. What an incredible sight! God shows His handiwork all around if we only look.

  2. I love this song; it has been one of my favorites for a long time. It seems to bring me closer to His presence. God does show His handiwork everywhere. If only more people could realize just what they are observing.

  3. Hymn requests: It took a miracle. Mansion over the hilltop. Jesus is coming again. Burdens are lifted at Calvary. When we see Christ (it will be worth it all).

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