America Without Us

Small-town America. Middle America. Flyover country. Home to clean, decent, hard-working, honest, law-abiding, mostly Christian citizens–and their homes, their small businesses, their churches, their ancient cemeteries, and their public parks

This is the America that pays the bills for our leaders’ quixotic social engineering schemes, whose tax money, that they worked for, is doled out to assorted groups who vote for those leaders in return for free stuff. This is the America which her politicians, intellectuals, teacher unions, “gay” activists, and special interest groups despise and make fun of.

This is the America without whom the whole country would take a nose-dive into oblivion so fast, it’d make your head spin.

This is the America which must be saved if there is to be any kind of America at all, other than a debased, defeated, and demoralized United States that bears nothing of the original except the name.

That’s what this year’s election is about. And don’t let anybody tell you different.

3 comments on “America Without Us

  1. The destruction is being done by a group what is so delusional that they do not see that what they are destroying is themselves. A doped up, suicidal group of maniacs. I have seen it done to small towns everywhere. The very areas and communities that once produced the food for everyone are shut down, boarded up, fields that once produced grain and other crops and grazing for food animals, are now barren wastelands. Saddest thing I ever saw.

  2. And these same elitists and banksters and politicians and lobbyists, etc. are now trying to steal an election. Nothing new there, but now the light is finally shining on many of their shenanigans. God is in control. My fear is that unless this nation turns back to God, gets on its collective knees and repents and begs forgiveness, this nation is headed for disaster. As my dad used to say: cruisin’ for a bruisin’ – and it won’t be pretty.

  3. This is the America that has more people working today under Trump’s Administration than ever before in our history. I know when I have put in a full day and given it my all, I fall asleep at night like a baby … “and their sleep shall be sweet.”

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