My Day So Far

I’ve read my Bible chapters, phoned my sister on her birthday, put up two blog posts, given Robbie the cat her medicine, and had my bike ride–now what?

My blood pressure yesterday was 125/82, clean out of the danger zone. So if I have my cigar now, I won’t have to put on any sun screen. It’ll also cool me off.

I mean to put up a few more posts today, so anybody out there, if you’ve got a hymn request, now’s a good time to make it.

5 comments on “My Day So Far

  1. Congratulations on your blood pressure! – and all you’ve accomplished already today 🙂 Now have your cigar and relax a bit.

    1. Sorry, Lee, but look on the bright side: at least your elbow has healed enough and the weather is cooperating enough that you can ride your bike. Meanwhile, I’ll pray that your pressure comes down and stays down! How many times a day are you supposed to take your b/p? Don’t cause yourself stress checking it too often. Our b/p probably fluctuates a bit here and there throughout the day regardless.

  2. Lee seems to see Satan & atheists & liberals hiding behind every tree, no wonder he has HBP. Check out Rollie the baby armadillo playing with a pink toy on youtube, that should lower it a few points

    1. I will.
      BTW, in case you haven’t noticed, libs ‘n’ progs control every one of our political and cultural institutions and most of the economic ones. So they don’t have to hide.

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