Video Treat: Your Cat Loves You

Think about this thing that God has done. He has made it possible–in fact, not at all unusual–for members of totally different species to love each other.

Would we have thought of that, if any of us had made the heavens and the earth? No way we would have thought of that!

You have to be in a bad way indeed, if being hugged by a cat (or fussed over by a dog) doesn’t soothe your soul.

God loves us by pouring love on us!

One comment on “Video Treat: Your Cat Loves You”

  1. Aren’t cats the best!! Many of my cats would hug me 🙂 Some would put their arms around my neck and some would drape themselves around the back of my neck like a scarf. One used to put his arms around my neck and go back and forth from ear to ear, kissing me 🙂 Thank you, Father, for giving us such wonderful, loving creatures.

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