Picking On a Defenseless, Disabled Lady

You’d get a better shake from Putin…

You may think this item is about cats, but it isn’t. It’s about the way people treat each other.

All right–the homeowners’ associations of “adult communities” are notorious for being arbitrary, officious, unjust little weasels. So if you buy a condo in some place with a name like “Leisure Village,” you ought to expect to have conflicts with these people.

Elizabeth Colaianni, a 58-year-old disabled woman who lives alone–with her two cats which she’s had for years–in a condo in Leisure Village, Ridge, New York (on Long Island) is being hit up for some $11,000 in fees and fines for, they say, having an unpermitted extra cat. She’s convinced the homeowners’ association is out to get her because she installed a ramp on her condo. She needs the ramp to get in and out. ( http://abc7chicago.com/pets/condo-association-charges-woman-hundreds-per-month-for-2nd-cat/1267515/ )

Once upon a time, anyone would be ashamed to be caught persecuting a lonely old lady and trying to take away her cat. But I guess you don’t get to be on the board of a homeowners’ association if they suspect you have a sense of shame.

If you feel indignant about this shameful episode, why don’t you call the Leisure Village treasurer’s office and tell them so? The phone number is 631-744-0473. Please let me know about any, er, interesting response you might get.

4 comments on “Picking On a Defenseless, Disabled Lady

  1. Well, I think this is even worse (maybe) than making a family tear out their vegetable garden from the yard. I keep thinking, “stop this crazy, sick world; I want to get off.”

    1. You can always call the Leisure Village number and give them a piece of your mind. Maybe if ten thousand people called to say “Shame!”, they would leave this woman alone.

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