Your Cat Can Help You Make the Bed

I was going to post some slowworm video, but decided not to push my luck. So here are some cats instead.

My cats have always liked to help me make the bed. They dive under the sheets, on top of the sheets, and have a wonderful time. If you get to playing with them, you can have a wonderful time, too–although the bed doesn’t get made.

A word of caution: Do not attempt any of this with a waterbed.

2 comments on “Your Cat Can Help You Make the Bed

  1. My cats always loved making beds with me too. I’m not sure who had more fun – me or them 🙂

  2. Yeh, I had a cat like that, but when I was in a hurry, it was not so great. He was never in a hurry and often forgot what it was we were trying to accomplish. Otherwise, he was a perfect cat.

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